How to get in shape for the summer: TOP 5 simple exercises to get rid of cellulite

Before the summer less than a month, and it’s time to take care of her figure, after all, short shorts, dresses and swimsuits will soon be replaced business suits and dresses. Cellulite – a problem faced by many women and try to win.

To get rid of the orange peel, you must do exercises that improve blood flow to the hips and bring tone to the muscles of the pelvis, which is very useful for women’s health, reports

Review your diet and with exercise will improve blood circulation, if you want to reduce the orange peel effect.

Take advantage of 5 exercises that can help you fight cellulite, but you will need at least 3 months to get 100% effect. But the first results you will see after a month of regular classes.

Before training, be sure to perform joint warm-up: rotation of the arms, shoulders, swings, tilts. Then do cardio.

Perform each exercise until burning sensation in the muscles. After that, through the power take another 3-5 times.

  • Plie squats
  • Pistol. But do not perform if you have a lot of excess weight or weak joints.
  • Side lunges
  • Attacks on the rise
  • Bridge with raised leg