The Kremlin has identified the main threats to Russia

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin approved the strategy of economic security of Russia for the period up to 2030, in which the main threats for the Russian Federation is the decline in world demand for Russian gas and oil, as well as the development of “green technologies”, informs the Agency “Prime”.

So, one of the main threats to economic security of the Russian Federation the Russian authorities consider limiting access to foreign financial resources and modern technologies and falling demand for key Russian energy resources – oil, gas.

“Among the main threats to Russia called the exhaustion of raw materials export model of development and depletion of resource base of fuel and raw materials industries, the potential for conflict in areas of interest of the country”, – the document says.

In addition, according to the strategy of economic development of the Russian Federation worried that green technology are a threat to Russia.

Russia saw a threat to the decline in the quality and availability of education and medical care and, as a consequence, the decline in the quality of human potential, but also worried about international competition for highly qualified personnel.