The collapse of the Japanese reconnaissance aircraft found the bodies of two passengers

In Japan, discovered two passengers reconnaissance aircraft LR-2 air force-defense of the country. Experts are trying to determine the condition of the people.

In the search operation involved about two thousand people, including 900 soldiers of the self-defense Forces, which owned the plane. The search operation because of the difficult terrain and poor weather conditions lasted for more than a day.

Recall that LR-2 crashed on Monday in the southern part of Hokkaido. The wreckage was found near the dam in the city Assabu.

Earlier it became known that the rescuers found the fuselage. As reports RIA Novosti, citing local media in this area later and was found two passengers.

The spy plane flew from Sapporo to Hakodate transportation of the patient in a serious condition. On Board were four fighters of Forces of self-defense.