How to quickly lose weight in summer: easy tips fitness trainer

Summer is the busiest time of light dresses, shorts and swimwear. If you ready for summer in advance, do not worry, because you can still get done.

What to eat and how to train in the summer, reports “New time”.


As noted by fitness coach Tatiana Godard, you probably noticed: the higher the temperature, the lower the appetite. It is not an individual feature of your body, and normal human physiology. When it’s hot, we slowed down heat exchange with the external environment, and to reduce internal body temperature and avoid heat stroke, the body slows down all systems, including digestion.

At this time enzymes stands out a little, so the appetite below. In addition, the sun produces serotonin, the so-called “pleasure hormone”, and the body stores it actively, not wasting valuable energies on food. And to use it.

Choose a menu with maximum light foods that do not load the digestive system and at the same time will provide you with maximum energy. It is primarily greens, raw vegetables and fruits. Fortunately, their season has already begun and the choice is huge.

The coach said that raw food rejuvenates and cleanses the body perfectly, providing a very rapid weight loss. But first and foremost, it’s vitamin a allowance a year, health and beauty – from fresh plant foods, the skin is smoothed, becomes silky, shining hair, the body is lifted.

If you do not like raw vegetables, make steamed, grilled, bake and eat with fresh herbs and a spoon of olive or flax oil. But keep in mind that vitamins in most vegetables after heat treatment is much less, and the calorific value increases at least twice.

Start the morning with two cups of warm water, that’s fine, “launches” stomach. And then make a green smoothie: just throw in the blender different greens (parsley, dill, celery, arugula, etc.), add a tablespoon of Flaxseed or oat bran and eat for Breakfast. On a scale of usefulness greens is the best thing we can offer to the body. Together with bran it perfectly clean and “refresh” the body will “waste” and excess water will saturate and, again, get rid of excess weight.

Meat, at least for the summer, it is better to replace light fish dishes. Of course, not fried, steam, boiled and baked. If you no meat can not live, eat chicken or Turkey (breast fillet), lean veal. Fish and meat dishes sure to add fresh greens and vegetables.

As a rule, in summer, fatty foods don’t want to, but the fats the body needs. Refill the salad with olive or flax oils, they are the most useful.

Learn how to drink

Summer is the best time not only to learn how to eat, but to drink. Unfortunately, most of us can not drink and does it only “when I want”. A “want” actually comes when the body is dehydrated and crying for help. This is a serious mistake: not only is the lack of water is harmful to health overall, it also seriously hampers the process of weight loss.

To start the processing of fats, we need water because it is saturated with water cells can dissolve the lipids. Water is also necessary for normal functioning of the stomach, good metabolism, and excretion of food waste. Under intense weight loss, the skin often droops, and to solve this problem, only consuming enough water.

By the way, hunger and thirst are very similar. Lacking moisture, the body sends signals that we often take for hunger signals. In the end, eat, and calories are deposited in the abdomen and hips. Therefore, before you once again to snack, drink water.

There is a lot of advice and formulas for the calculation of the best amount of water, but you will not regret it, if just to drink in the summer about three liters (on training days to four), and in other seasons is 2.5. And it is only clean water, juices, tea, coffee, these amounts are not included. Drink a lot to not only people with diseases in which the volume of fluid in the body must be restricted (e.g., hypothyroidism, heart diseases).

To drink enough water, always carry a bottle and otpishite from it in small SIPS. Soon you will not notice as you get used to drink a lot of liquid. If you want a snack, drink one or two glasses. In the morning, on an empty stomach two glasses. Before eating (at least 15– 20 minutes) also two glasses. During and after the meal, the water as any other liquid, can not drink. It seriously hurts digestion and indirectly leads to the deposition of fat.

Also in the summer drink green or herbal tea, fresh vegetable juices (fruits are better to consume whole, fiber). Can be infused delicious water on the lemon and mint. Instead of lemon would suit a grapefruit or orange.

Sweet soda is a taboo. Preservatives, dyes not only destroy the immune system and provoke a number of diseases, but also contribute to obesity. And sodas without sugar is even more dangerous than sugar: are used to produce them is very harmful sweeteners. Beware of soda with vitamin C in combination with the preservative sodium benzoate (E211) is a powerful carcinogen.

Drink water and other beverages slightly below room temperature, but not cold: the heat cold and easy to catch a sore throat.

How to train

Summer is a great time for those who hate exercise in the gym. Options pleasant physical activity in the fresh air of the sea. Is and Jogging and swimming, and badminton, and tennis, and yoga in nature. N

about don’t hurry: summer sport rules!

When it is hot, we are exposed to high temperatures. During exercise the body temperature increases even more. The result may be hyperthermia, impaired thermoregulation. Its symptoms include stopping sweating, hot dry skin, tachycardia, clouded consciousness, weakness. In the area of special risk – people whose weight is 10 kilograms (or more) above normal. Moreover, hyperthermia is not only a result of the activity on the street, but in the gym.

The greatest danger is hyperthermia in cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, they are unable to adequately control their condition. In hot weather blood flow to the skin increases two or three times, and in people with heart failure this process is inhibited, they may not feel overheated, and, accordingly, to stop in time. So it is better either to refrain from strength training (indoors and outdoors), either to conduct them in the most easy mode. In particular, to eliminate energy-consuming heavy exercises like deadlift, squats with weights, leg press. Even healthy people need to be extremely careful in the summer with strength training.

The best alternative – the exercise of plyometric or crossfit. Incidentally, they are ideal for dieters. So, plyometrics – hopping gymnastics, is extremely popular now in Hollywood. Great accelerates metabolism, increases endurance, speed and muscle strength. What is crossfit, I know: interval workout that includes different exercises of different types of training (athletics, gymnastics, the same plyometric, etc.) aimed at the development of various physical qualities. About these and other trainings will be dealt with in separate articles. The maximum fat-burning effect have also the usual circular and interval training.

To avoid overheating, try to exercise in the morning or evening hours: until 10 am and 20.00 PM. Especially for Jogging and workouts in the fresh air. If you work in the gym, avoid places where the air conditioner has a jet of cold air: it is fraught with colds, “lumbago”, conjunctivitis, and other unpleasant consequences.

Because appetite are lower in summer, when there is negative calorifically balance – spend more calories than consumed. And that means you quickly become the best form, what you and I wish! In addition, acquired in the summer habits: eating the right foods, drinking plenty of fluids and regular exercise will help to maintain the beauty and health in any season.