Merkel and macron: common views and differences

The purpose of the first trip abroad Emmanuel macron, as his time and Francois Hollande, chose Berlin, where, despite all odds, he intends to reaffirm the key role of France and Germany in crisis-ridden Europe. The new President was waiting at 17:30 in the office kantslerin for talks with Angela Merkel, the results of which were scheduled a joint press conference before the official dinner. “The Makron will defend the interests of France, and I will defend the interests of Germany. But I’m sure the total will be quite a lot” and that with the cooperation problems will not arise,” said kantslerin a few hours before the meeting. Whatever it was, “rethink and restart” of Europe, referred to him during Sunday’s inaugural speech, still may run into resistance from Germany.

L OBS: the Visit of Emmanuel Macron was not a surprise. Whatever it was, it will follow with all the attention that none of his predecessors even so zealously defended the European construction. What are the stakes in this meeting?

Demesmay Claire (Claire Demesmay): Count on something big is not necessary, because everything happens within the ritual of Franco-German friendship. The meeting will not result in the adoption of any specific initiatives, but Emmanuel macron will confirm its strong position concerning the resumption of cooperation France and Germany. In addition, it is likely to take advantage of this symbolic meeting to raise the concerns of his themes, including investment issues. He is consistent: he’s the only of all the candidates repeatedly came to Germany during the election campaign and clearly favoured the solution of European questions based on the Franco-German axis.

— That brings the Emmanuel Macron with Angela Merkel?

— The desire of both to ensure that next to Germany was a strong France, which looks to the future. Berlin is not the first expresses hope for a strong French partner for the settlement of European problems. This expectation became even more pronounced after Breccia. The fact that after the British referendum in Berlin had the feeling that he was in relative isolation and could not solve European issues. In Germany believe that France was too absorbed with internal problems and could not move forward to become a European power. Franco-German cooperation, no doubt, continued in recent years, however it really not allowed to start the European car. While the challenges are many, and the initiative was intercepted by centrifugal force, both in the UK and national egoism or even nationalism, as in Poland.

The political leadership hoped to return to France, and as soon as possible.

— More specifically, like that of Germany in Emanuele the Makron?

— Statement by Emmanuel Macron on French politics resonates with the expectations of the Germans. Angela Merkel agrees with his approach to the reform of the labour market, which implies greater flexibility and competitiveness of enterprises. In Germany, the proposal is perceived as a key measure to reduce unemployment. In any case, Emmanuel macron, the more you need to achieve your goals, as in the French society may be the resistance.

As for the European Union, Emmanuel macron and Angela Merkel want to Europe she was able to manage crises, for example migration. The EU should respond to the events and not fall into a stupor. Germany hopes to simplify the decision-making. And Merkel and macron believe that this can be achieved by forming more flexible Europe, which would be able to work with different groups of States. The two leaders also share a commitment to deepen cooperation in the defense sector and to defend the borders of the EU.

Views of France and Germany more important that the negotiations on Brexia started and at the same time will be long and difficult. The Europeans will need to preserve the unity. The cohesion of the EU — the Central question for Berlin, for which the UK has become a highly sensitive topic.

On the main international issues can be traced to a genuine views. There is a consensus for an inclusive dialogue and playing the multilateral card. In this pragmatic approach no longer focuses on the departure of Bashar al-Assad.

The same similarity is observed in Ukraine: dialogue with Vladimir Putin while maintaining sanctions to implement the Minsk agreements.

— What are the issues they have disagreements?

— Discussion is ongoing, and positions are finally determined. In any case, at the moment there is disagreement on the reform of the Eurozone with the proposal of Emmanuel Macron on the overall budget and Minister of Finance of the Eurozone. In this matter Germany is extremely cautious, because not the best way to financial transfers. In recent days, the CDU and CSU was the criticism demanding a rejection of Eurobonds. Emmanuel macron does not offer them in its programme, but in Germany they traditionally represent a “red line”, about which the two countries have had disagreements in the past. This criticism (Angela Merkel did not mention her) is a wonderful example of the fear that causes in Germany, the idea of unification of debts and carrying out financial transfers.

The proposal to create the position of Finance Minister is also not enthusiastic. However, Angela Merkel and Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble (Wolfgang Schäuble) did not particularly react to it and behave in a conciliatory because in the first place interested in the success of Emmanuel Macron. If France will carry out reforms and rein in public finances, Germany could take a step in this direction. This is not a fundamental failure and fear to get in the adventure.

Caution will persist, at least until the September parliamentary elections: don’t forget that although the Makron defeated and strives to move forward for Angela Merkel began an electoral campaign.