Experts reveal the secrets of the visit of Donald trump to Saudi Arabia

For his first foreign visit after assuming the office of President of the United States Donald trump chose Saudi Arabia. Following the visits the President will make to Israel and the Vatican.


White house: planned visit to Saudi Arabia


On Thursday, the White house announced that the President of the United States Donald trump this month, will visit Saudi Arabia. This will be his first foreign visit since coming to the presidency. Trump will travel to Saudi Arabia at the end of this month, then in Israel, and from there to the Vatican and Rome. His tour will conclude with a visit to the headquarters of NATO.


Meeting Arab leaders and terrorism as a goal


According to some reports U.S. media, it is expected that a number of Arab leaders will meet in Riyadh during the visit of the US President to Saudi Arabia.


In his speech to the visit to the middle East Donald trump mentioned that the United States does not aim to dictate to others the way of life that should be followed. The goal is to build a coalition of friends and partners who share the desire of fighting terrorism and ensuring security and stability in the middle East.


Visit Mattis in Saudi Arabia


Last month, on 18 April, the Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis paid a visit to Saudi Arabia. During his visit, he stressed the need to stop the supply of missiles from Iran to the Huthis in Yemen, the purpose of which can be attacks on Saudi territory.

Mattis confirmed that Saudi Arabia is a key ally in security for more than seven decades, pointing out that the Kingdom continues to be the linchpin of security in the region, which also serves American interests. According to the Ministry of defense, the Mattis talks with king Salman bin Abdul Aziz and Saudi responsible persons included questions about the situation of security in the state and ways to enhance strategic relations between the two countries.

According to representatives of the Pentagon, at the same time, the purpose of the tour is to confirm the basic military alliances, the United States and become a strategic partner for countries in the Middle East and Africa, and to discuss cooperative efforts in countering the activities of terrorist organizations to destabilize the region.

The visit of the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to America

The crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammad Ibn Salman al Saud, has already visited the United States of America, where he met with U.S. President Donald trump. In the future, the White House confirmed that the Prince Muhammad bin Salman and us President, Donald trump discussed the economic projects totaling $ 200 billion.


© AFP 2016, Fayez NureldineМинистр defense of Saudi Arabia Prince Mohammed bin Salman

The crown Prince informed the trump of the programme Vision 2030 and opportunities for implementation of joint projects. The white house in its statement also noted that the expansion of economic cooperation between Washington and Riyadh will provide employment opportunities for citizens of the two countries.

On the agenda was the question about Iranian policy. The meeting of Muhammad bin Salman and Donald trump found a consensus in the positions of the two countries. The US President praised the previous steps of Saudi Arabia in the direction of Iran in the region and its interference in the Affairs of Arab countries.

The parties stressed the necessity of intensifying efforts to combat terrorism and expressed the desire to strengthen strategic partnership on this aspect, especially in the fight against the financing of terrorist groups and ideological counter to them.

The importance of Saudi Arabia to the US administration

Mukhtar Habashi, Vice-President of the Center for political and strategic studies, expressed the opinion that trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia at the beginning of the upcoming tour allows us to make an assumption about the importance of the Kingdom for the administration of the United States. He noted that, despite its unexpectedly hostile statements at the beginning of his campaign, trump has now become quieter, understands that the greatest benefit can be obtained only as a result of interaction with the Saudi Kingdom.

In an interview Elfagr Ghobashi added that Saudi Arabia is a major economic power, which invests millions of dollars in the United States, therefore, has a strong influence on bilateral relations between the two countries.

Regarding the Iranian dossier, Habashi noted that there is a Saudi-American agreement on the limitation of interference of Iran in the region, since all his actions turn out for Arab States disaster.

The great advantage and lasting relationship

Dr. Akram Badr al-DIN, a specialist in the United States, said that the bilateral us-Saudi relations are currently the most important in the region, according to their nature.

He added that the visit trump reflects the degree of importance of Saudi Arabia to the United States of America. It was preceded by the visit of the crown Prince, which was concluded several agreements, which amounted to millions of dollars. So measured the key benefits that the US receives from Saudi Arabia.

He explained that the main issues to be discussed is the issue of terrorism and the various aspects of the Iranian case, because those issues are the highest priority for the Kingdom.

The return of the relations to the previous level

Ahmad Anani, a member of the Egyptian Council for foreign Affairs, believes that the upcoming visit of the US President to Saudi Arabia is as a response to the visit of the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to America, which were concluded many agreements. He also notes that the Kingdom is trying to rebuild ties with America, as it was during the reign of king Abdullah.

In an interview Elfagr Anani said that the visit will mostly touch on the Iranian nuclear dossier, as well as issues of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran. This suggests that the nuclear issue can be solved through the intervention of a trump that is fully consistent with the interests of Saudi Arabia.