Tax wants to simplify the closure of PE in Ukraine

The state fiscal service (GFS) of Ukraine proposed to revise criteria for conducting mandatory inspections of natural persons-entrepreneurs (FLP) when closed and facilitate their removal from the tax records.

In accordance with the current legislation of the SFS is obliged to examine each natural person-entrepreneur in the process of elimination.

At the same time, given the current innovations about the need to pay Foami uniform contribution even in the absence of profit, on 20 February their activities ceased about 330 000 entrepreneurs. The majority of closed FLP was “sleeping” and have not conducted economic activity.

“In this respect there are two orders of the Ministry of Finance. One of them is the ESV, the second – all other taxes. We believe that review those orders and to create more specific requirements – in some cases, according to what criteria whether or not to check”, – said the Chairman of the SFS Roman Nasirov during a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on taxation and customs policy.

Recall, from January 1, a separate category of natural persons-entrepreneurs (FLP), in particular, the second and third groups have to pay the ERUs in the amount of UAH 704 per month, even if you temporarily have no profit. When the first group of “uproschentsev” has the ability to pay half of the minimum premium in the amount of UAH 352 per month.

This innovation has led to the fact thatKrajina private entrepreneurs began to close his business, which is temporarily idle. In the Parliament proposed to introduce a transitional period for the elimination of “sleeping” PE. However, in the Cabinet saythat about a non-profit sole proprietorship tax should be forgotten, “as a nightmare”.