What to expect from the Forum “Belt and road” in Beijing — opinions of Russian experts

Beijing Forum “Belt and road” for Eurasia and the world the main foreign policy and external economic event this year and will bring a number of important results. Such opinion in interview to the correspondent. the Xinhua news Agency was expressed by Russian experts and officials.

High-level forum on international cooperation in the framework of the “Belt and road” Economic belt of the silk road and Maritime silk road of the 21st century will be held in Beijing on 14-15 may.

Forum “Belt and road” may be one of the most significant events in modern world politics, because it symbolizes the transition to a new type of international cooperation, said the chief researcher of the Center “Russia — China” Institute for Far Eastern studies, member of the upcoming forum Vladimir Petrovsky.

According to the Professor of the Russian University of peoples ‘ friendship of Yuri dabrowskiego, an important objective of the forum is to strengthen the understanding and definition of directions of cooperation in the framework of the “Belt and road”.

“At the upcoming forum will adopt a specific program of further development of the project, signed Declaration, which will emphasize the economic, not political initiatives, and ideas will be highlighted the development of mutual economic and cultural exchange”, — said the famous Russian orientalist A. Maslov.

Russian Ambassador to China Andrei Denisov is confident that the time has come concretization and practical work in the framework of the “Belt and road”.

In his opinion, it is important to explain the significance of the project and to build a comprehensive interaction. “The Russian side has large waiting /Forum/,” said the Russian Ambassador.

“Projects in the framework of the implementation of this concept is very effective from the point of view of a social situation, so I would not recommend to take this project only as an economic, and more — as a project that carries cultural cooperation, deepening cooperation in the scientific sphere, in the exchange of people between countries, and so forth,” — said the head of the sector of the economy and politics of China, IMEMO ran Sergey Lukonin.

The forum will arrive the President of Russia Vladimir Putin led a large delegation. Russian-Chinese relations will also become one of the main themes of the Forum, according to Russian experts and officials.

According to Yu dabrowskiego, the Russian-Chinese strategic cooperation needs a solid Foundation of economic ties, in major strategic programs of interaction, for which the initiative of the “Belt and road” offers a lot of opportunities.

“Our heads of state declared the necessity of pairing the concept of “Belt and road” and Eurasian economic Union /EEU/ — said the Russian President’s adviser Sergei Glazyev. — The mate should be constructed in such a way that our competitive advantages were combined together and give the explosive effect.”

According to the Minister of foreign Affairs Wang Yi, the theme of the forum will be “Strengthening of international cooperation, joint construction of “Belt and road”, the implementation of mutually beneficial development.”

The number of forum participants will exceed more than 1 500 people, in particular, the heads of state and government 29 foreign countries have confirmed their participation in the event.