The American media ignored Klimkin – trump

The US President Donald trump said in an interview with Fox News channel that the media do not notice his activity, reports.

“They (media edition) don’t know me, I am a very active President. I work with China, Japan, North Korea, with all these various issues. The other day I visited the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia, and after − they did not talk about Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine arrived. I said, “you Guys need to make peace”. But they (the media) only talked about the visit (of the Minister) of Russia,” said trump.

According to him, similar situation with the attention from the press has never been.

The American leader said that he offered to cancel the briefings for the media and replace them with a mailing to journalists with “clear, precise, beautiful” answers to avoid distortion.

Trump also pointed out that during the reign of Barack Obama’s press conference is almost no coverage.

Recall, may 11, trump has met with Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin at the White house, and informed the meeting of President of the United States with foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov.

The results of the two meetings trump urged Ukraine and Russia to make peace.