The Ukrainians will take the nerves ahead of the “corridor of eclipses”

Soon will be the longest solar Eclipse in history. According to the researchers, the Moon will cover the Sun for a half hour. Experts also warn about the so-called corridor of eclipses that will affect people’s emotions, according to

21 August will be a total solar Eclipse. During this period we will see the solar corona. The moon can completely cover the solar disk, but will not detract from the outer layers of its atmosphere.

“Corridor Eclipse” that occurs between two eclipses, the last time was in February 2008. Again, I repeat only in 2026-m Emotional sphere of people in this period is very unstable. There is a high risk of conflict, of aggression at different scales. A vivid example – the events of winter 2008, when there was also a corridor of eclipses between 7 and 21 Feb.


  • The inhabitants of the Earth have observed the lunar Eclipse

It was during the Eclipse of the moon on February 21 held a loud demonstration in Belgrade against Kosovo’s Declaration of independence. The result – the pogroms of foreign embassies. Turkish armed forces began a historic ground operation in Iraq against Kurdish rebels on the same day. And Indonesia was struck by an earthquake measuring 7.5 points.

Experts advise to follow feelings and emotions, not to succumb to sudden attacks of anger. Most of this effect will feel the people born under the signs of the zodiac, the areas affected by the Eclipse of the constellations of Leo, Aquarius, Aries and Sagittarius.