Putin won

Because, to be honest, the fact he won this battle.


He won, because in our country with its participation — a constitutional crisis. We know that our President, not only that a fool and a psychopath, so also took the presidency with Russian help.

Putin won, because the environment of our President, past and present consists of people who are interested in doing with Putin’s Russia business and are in fact Russian agents of influence embedded in the Republican party. Who take any there — they are all under suspicion, some lying under oath, have a defamatory communication, etc.

Putin won because two of the three American echelons of power in the Executive and legislative branches is a mess. Every day, all the clearer with numerous leaks getting the fact that the White house is full of chaos and constant squabbles between different people and ideologies that urgently cover a Fig leaf, so no one would know. Trump says one thing, while his aides say another, and the Ministers generally dismiss those of others and said a third. The situation is no better in Congress where the Republicans can’t decide who still brought their oath of allegiance to the country and the people or allegiance to the President and the Republican party, what it has become.

Putin has won because our defense Minister, Mattis, have to actually talk to our allies in Europe and today in the Baltic States that “…pay No attention to the words and tweets of the President of the United States, as it is not in the mind and doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Do not be afraid for their safety. NATO is still NATO and all their strength.” Pretty things, if we have here such ideological gaps between boss and his subordinates. On the other hand is one of those moments that give me hope, as in fact the Mattis sends the President three letters, and says what he has to say and does what it needs to do.

Putin won, because the investigation of the scandal by figuring out how much trump and his entourage, was tied in a knot with the Russian, torpedoed from all sides of the Republican party, the White house and support trump the public. And all because at the same time there are two versions of events. In one trump says its another false pearl and tweets, saying that all Democrats staged and bitchy Hillary Clinton, still can not calm down. On the other hand, not even the Democrats and Republican senators and leaders of the Republican party, those who have security clearance to special hearings on the case of espionage and Subversion, saying almost openly that the team trump actually received assistance from Russia and to coordinate their actions in the campaign with the Russians. That Russia’s intervention in American Affairs and elections, absolutely real and existing in practice, today, this minute phenomenon and there are no fabrications here. Just their voices are not loud enough or persistent — they’re still probably think that they will survive or to wait out the storm. And the situation is already even without disclosure of all facts and specific parties is very clear.

Putin won because trump for the first time since 1973 dismisses as the main person who lead against him in the investigation — the FBI Director. Of the three (and maybe even more) different investigations — the FBI investigation has the potentially a big problem for trump because it is not what a politician won and what ideology, and with the understanding that it is a de facto criminal investigation of subversive activities, for selfish reasons, in favor of a hostile state. For reference I will say that there are two investigators in the same case, which are conducted in both houses of Congress. But both of these investigators do not have the possibility of a criminal conviction after revealing the truth and facts. That is, people can tell the truth in response to senators ‘ questions, and you can use the fifth article, and to be silent, but to place them under court investigation by Congress can not. It can only recommend these measures for the attorney General of the United States. But, today, recused himself because he is a loyal puppet of trump, he lied under oath about relationships with Russian (Russian Ambassador Kislyak) and has a specific reason not to be objective in this investigation.

Putin won because the law under which it was possible to appoint a special independent Prosecutor, expired in 1999 and was not renewed. These prosecutors are sometimes too quick are people who obey no one and they are not always continuous use. Why the law and allowed to expire. To resume need an act of Congress and will, now Deputy attorney General as the Prosecutor himself, as I wrote above, seen in the relations with the Russian Ambassador and part-time chief resident of the FSB (KGB) in Washington.

In this case the Deputy has just given the command for withdrawal, the Director of the FBI completely senile reason — for what trump praised him the last 3 months. Now it suddenly became the reason for its withdrawal. Hence, the Deputy Prosecutor General cannot be considered independent from the trump man and a team, otherwise as under terrible pressure, not give. About Congress, where both houses are Republicans, I do not say — the most they will be able to create an investigative Commission of senators and congressmen, but as I said, it won’t have rights to criminal prosecution, but only on inquiry.

Putin has won because we have his efforts — President with the new method of ad people about their thoughts which became Twitter at 5 in the morning, who, with enviable persistence is used for all sorts of directives throughout the country — apparently, being in this moment on the toilet. We almost daily discussed and read some crazy tweets this President, who is bombing their media business, their supporters and opponents. Solves with 140 characters with difficult questions of foreign policy, internal development of the USA and also details can give directives on how to better run a business from the local McDonald’s before the construction of the newest aircraft in the Boeing company. We want to help our President in these specific points, giving it a good dose of laxatives. And in fact, his stream of angry consciousness on the basis of the morning’s constipation will not stop. I envy him, then the whole universities and politicians are fighting and create a special language in order to convey to the people the right promises. Instead, we need only a tool with 140 characters. Ellochka-lyudoedka with her vocabulary remember — just reworked for our time and our technology today.

Putin has won because he created in the minds of a number of people the appearance that he holds all the cards on the solution to the Syrian crisis and our President is one of those who believe in it. Meanwhile, the solution of the Syrian problem of today has nobody in one part of this country will be gone. Except that all the Syrians time suddenly change their minds and support Assad. The maximum what we can tell, it’s a temporary truce here and there between different groups. But no more. It is also because foreign indirect participants in the conflict such as Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Irak, different Sunni and Shiite groups all have different objectives and interests. And in one of these all the interest they all agreed on one thing — not to make concessions. So the war will continue. And our peace initiatives from trump or attempts to isolate a group for our support against the other rested in some conflicting interests. For example, US attempts to support the Kurds against ISIL (is Russia a terrorist organization — approx. ed.) rested in Turkey, which started to bomb the Kurds. And today we have a situation where the us military are between the Kurds and Turks to avoid clashes between them. The situation is, frankly, not viable.

Putin won because he leaves one of the winners from the Turkish counterrevolution Erdogan. Erdogan has already signed a contract on the construction of a new gas pipeline (bypassing Ukraine) and dumped the shooting down of Russian aircraft, most of those rebels, whom he defeated. As I am sure that affirmative Directive on the right to shoot down Russian planes if they fly to Turkey, came from Washington, that means, loyal to NATO, the Turkish military deposed and replaced it with appointees Erdogan. Thus it turns out that Erdogan, despite his angry words, then, about the Russian, rather, played the role than in fact they are condemned, and because we go to a situation where the Turks and the Russians will have reached some sort of agreement on Syria. And, perhaps, tactically — and in Ukraine and the Caucasus.

Putin won because trump cut assistance to Ukraine of up to 170 million with 670. This happens on the background of the fact that actually the primary purpose and goals of Putin in the Ukraine is reached. Crimea taken away and knowing that his Russian population hates Ukraine, any attempt to bring it back, even after Putin, will result in a major war around Ukraine and Crimea in particular, and in the split of the Russian society. Therefore the further destiny of this area are not clear and the method of refund or compensation will be very problematic. At the same time Ukraine is not even occupied Crimea, and the war in the East, which is also, de facto, taken away from the rest of the country. Russian puppets in Ukraine torpedo everything. Local corruption eats any money. Even appeared positive elements in the Ukrainian economy, can become negative at any time, changing global economic situation or the resumption of a more active war in Ukraine.

Putin has won because in almost all the countries of Europe on the wave of post-crisis anger of voters is the wave of populism and populist leaders. And these leaders often receive generous grants from the Russian Treasury. In fact, before was massive bribery of the Russian variety of European leaders and politicians, but now it has become systemic. Knowing full unscrupulousness of many politicians worldwide, as well as a certain dependency in a number of countries from the Russian energy market, tourism and luxury goods, sooner or later, but the dam against Russia because of the Ukrainian events, it will leak. While the dam is repaired and supported from Washington, that you could be sure that this structure falls apart. But Washington openly prorossiykimi the government today to follow and not that of others, and even themselves, they do not want.

Putin has won because of Russian-Jewish immigrants who went from the scoop to Israel, America and the West, completely lost his head and brain when consciously fell in love and supported the populists. Whether America is with trump or France with Le Pen. And the need to clearly divide those who want change from Obama and his 8 years in office and voted for trump, just as any other alternative, and not as truly chosen ideology and concepts, and also those who support trump’s body and soul, because he is actually their President, clear them and loved them. Here about those who love it so I say, how about a totally shameful phenomenon and degradation of the Russian emigration. After all, we all went from dictatorship and scoop, but crave authoritarian rule as the only clear way of solving problems. We wanted to get out of the parochial shackles of the USSR in the wide world, but have maneuvered themselves into the same parochial ideological shackles, but voluntarily, in the West.

We left from the circus-parades, inspirational speeches and hypocrisy of the Soviet-Russian politicians bought into this hypocrisy again, already living in the West, and obediently walk in the procession in ostentatious processions, arranged by the Russian Consulate as the only clear method of Victory Day celebrations. And finally, we lived under fear of persecution from the KGB, Communists and Soviet officials, and a Russian cattle, categorically do not want to accept the fact that our President can be bribed, supported from Russia, as we so loved it that any criticism of this beloved leader, is simply impossible.

That is why I observe, when to our universal shame, a veteran anti-Semite, Le Pen, support the “omniscient” Russian Jews. Or when Russian-speaking immigrants in America transformed into something the Russian cattle, the fact that reckless support, love and cherish not their country, but only the President and the leader of a particular party, despite all the facts and the abundance of information. Anyway common sense has always said to us that do not need any politician to do for yourself an idol. This temporarily put people to work, not for love. Such as trump frankly do not care about our problems and concerns — he plays a role that is beneficial to him at the moment. However, the fact that our Diaspora guts fell into a state of complete euphoria and hypnosis from the cheapest populists, and even on Russian money and with Russian assistance, today is undeniable.

Putin won because the President and the government of the United States became a source of parody, satire and ridicule. Well deserved I must say. If even to imagine that Putin’s goal was not to create favorable conditions for Russia and its policies, the mere fact that the US President so openly intemperate man, on which deservedly laugh, already have a temporary weakening of the US. As well as the problems Russia was, is and will be, by any possible means to interfere with, to weaken, to destroy the Western and specifically the American power structure and ideology, Putin temporarily, but its got.

And finally I’ll tell you what Putin is 100% lost. Trump, even with all his popularity and support is just a mortal and very, very temporarily employed people. Its capabilities are much less than he wants and especially less than imagine our emigrants. Because the time will come and he will be history. History pride of America, and its failure. Because cannot and should not such a man to lead the country. All we feared before the election — turned out to be true and of course trump was the worst choice of the two main possible. But anyway, even a negative result is a result and experience.

But America is very powerful country and still more powerful system so it could shake like trump or Putin. Because, well, even if they steal another hundred million in extra gas and oil, it is the end of this criminal party is inevitable. Not least because they are hopeless conservatives and nothing new can not offer. And it is not in place. The war continues and even if in this battle Putin, no doubt, won it’s all very temporary and a war he can’t win.