Ukraine must do more to return the Crimea

In connection with the granting Ukraine visa-free regime with the countries of the European Union among the residents of Russian-occupied Crimea increased interest in biometric passports. Can the Ukrainian authorities to use this occasion for the return of the Crimean people and what are the ways of struggle for the Peninsula, “Apostrophe” said journalist muzhdabaev.

A desire to once again become the passport Ukrainians, of course, will be many in the Crimea. In Crimea there is growing frustration with Russia, it is at a critical level. People feel hopeless due to the fact that Ukraine abandoned them and they did not fight. On the other hand, it is felt that there are no illusions about Russia, not only the Crimean Tatars, who initially was against it, left them and many supporters of the so-called “Russian world”. From the Crimea people come and tell how they communicate with former supporters of annexation. No one began to live better, to put it mildly. They began to live worse: the prices are huge, no work, few tourists. Already the General opinion, even among these people that it would be better in Ukraine remained and nothing would change. However, there is a small caveat: they have no one asks.

Opinion in Crimea for a long time are not as euphoric as they were in the beginning of the annexation, when, in fact, many of the residents of Crimea just bought for the promise of some mythical pensions, salaries and other things. This is a time when illusions about Russia, many Crimean no, Ukraine would need to intensify their efforts in the return of the Crimea and in the international arena and domestically. It’s probably time to finally rename the Crimea is not clear whose Autonomous Republic of the Crimean autonomy, to recognize the Crimean Tatars as an indigenous people and to deliver on the international stage the question of what the indigenous people of Ukraine has the right to decide their own destiny without the help of Russian tanks.

The sooner Ukraine will reinforce the status of Crimean Tatar of Crimea in its composition, the faster the Crimea will be returned. At least no one will have any illusions about whether Ukraine will fight for the return of the Crimea to the family. We remove the issues of bargaining and exchange. Ukraine will make it clear that it abides by the right of Nations to self-determination, adheres to the rights of the Crimean Tatars in Ukraine that adheres to international law.

Is it a hidden shame: three years of the annexation is three years of lost time. Three years the Crimean Tatars are waiting for at least some gestures that are symbolic, judicial, legislative — on the part of Kiev and not get anything. It’s very sad. People it is very frustrating. Now the international community is doing a lot, and that the court in the Hague gave a provisional decision on racial discrimination in the Crimea by Russia, there is a UN resolution on the Crimea. Cards Ukraine this. But it seems that the main world, the West plays a more active than our country. Ukraine is not a leader in the recovery of his own territories. Wanted Ukraine to become the engine of this.