Venezuela, the Imperial habits and the Constituent Assembly

Venezuela is entering a decisive phase, project implementation, States and local oligarchies, directed to not to leave any democratic and independent government in Latin America. The main driving force of this project in Venezuela is to support the local counter-revolution Washington and the Organization of American States (OAS), the most discredited neo-liberal government and right-wingers who worship the idol of the market and launching hands in the state Treasury. They are all one League, and Luis Almagro (Luis Almagro), a CIA agent appointed by the Secretary General of the OAS.

In addition to the oil wealth of Venezuela, which the Empire wants to seize one of his top priorities it considers the overthrow of the Maduro government in view of the importance of the Bolivarian revolution and ideas of Chavez in Latin America. A cruel blow, which in the case of the victory of the counter-revolution will strike at the homeland of Bolivar, will adversely affect the transformations taking place in Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, El Salvador, in all the countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the peoples of America (ALBA) in Cuba.

But not only that, but the creation of openly Pro-fascist atmosphere in the countries of the continent, which came to power right atmosphere preventing the election of President Andres Manuel Lopez Labrador (Andrés Manuel López Obrador) in Mexico, Lula da Silva in Brazil and Cristina fernández de Kirchner (if she decides to run again) in Argentina. That is, candidates who cannot be stopped by using legitimate and legal methods.

Everyone understands what changes the victory of the candidates would make to the balance of power in regional and international scale in favor of the independence, sovereignty, state control over natural resource use, social justice, democracy, unity and cohesion of the continent and peace in the world.

Based on the foregoing, it is apparent that in a tense and turbulent economic, political and social situation which was created by imperialism and its henchmen in Venezuela, they are rejected by reasonable and lawful convocation by President Maduro of the National constituent Assembly and his call for dialogue.

Worse, become more frequent acts of violence, in which more than three dozen people died and hundreds were injured. All of this suggests that the counter-revolutionaries are not ready to any dialogue, if he does not provide unconditional implementation by the government of their claims. Building themselves up endlessly devoted Catholic Church of Venezuela, they once again ignored the call of Pope Francis to the dialogue.

I want to reiterate that the counter-revolutionaries carry out the directives of the southern command of the US forces under operation Freedom 2, which, in addition to the vast experience of overthrowing governments, based on the Pentagon and the CIA actively uses the theory of soft coups, developed by Gene sharp (Gene Sharp). Employees founded the Institute of the name A. Einstein in 2003, made a nine-day working visit to Venezuela, details of which were written by the journalist Eva Golinger (Eva Golinger). Her story is a great compilation of the history of the soft coups in Latin America.

In his book “From dictatorship to democracy” Sharpe enumerates five steps necessary for the implementation of a soft coup, namely: 1. Conducting non-violent actions to promote fermentation in the community, including denouncing corruption, fomenting intrigues and spreading false rumors. 2. A powerful organization of campaigns to protect freedom of expression and human rights, accompanied by government accusations of totalitarianism. 3. Active struggle for political and social demands, the manipulation of masses of people to mobilize them for demonstrations and protest actions with use of violence posing a threat to state institutions. 4. Psychological warfare and destabilization to create the situation of ungovernability. 5. Targeted work to force the President to resign with riots during which control is taken of a public institution. Prepare the conditions for military intervention in the situation of protracted civil war and international isolation of the country. This is what happens now in Venezuela.

But while the counter-revolution feverishly resorted to violence, knowing that time was working against her, the government of the Bolivarian Republic has made progress in the dialogue preceding the convening of the National constituent Assembly, to which President Maduro calls on the masses of the people, the armed forces and opposition parties. If the discussion of convening will become more intense, the violence soon itself become obsolete.