The man from the stomach pulled out two ballpoint pens, swallowed 36 years ago

Doctors removed from the intestines of a 50-year resident of China for two ballpoint pens that the man, being drunk, swallowed 36 years ago, and then forgot about the case.

As a result, the doctors took out the patient’s intestines two almost intact ballpoint pens with a length of about 12 inches, according to “people’s Daily”.

Foreign objects were discovered inside the duodenum men during a medical examination. Their presence was confirmed by computed tomography. Then the man remembered how in his youth, being in the company of friends, swallowed two pens, because someone from the companions told him that it would help him to drink less.

Van waited, that sticks out of the body naturally, but when this did not happen, decided that they are simply digested in his stomach. Any discomfort the man had eventually forgotten about the incident.

Handles well, as it turned out, caught in the intestinal wall and thus remained inside his body. The doctors were able to successfully extract them from the patient’s body with an endoscope in around 30 minutes.

Earlier it was reported that in Chernihiv boy swallowed a pair of scissors and a spoon on a dare.