People already starting to steal food in shops (Country Ukraine)

According to the President of the chamber of Commerce of Ukraine Gennadiy Chizhikov, because of the quarantine in Ukraine were left without work for almost four million people.

About the threat of an outbreak of crime is evidenced by some statistics. For example, in the Odessa area during the quarantine of 8.6% increased the number of burglaries and the number of crimes in the sphere of drug trafficking increased by 17.9%. According to the March report of the Office of the attorney General for the last and this year, the level of fraud and cases of extortion in Ukraine as a whole also started to grow compared to last year, and we are talking about the numbers for February — March. The April data yet.

According to sources, the “Country” in the police, when the quarantine will last another month, Ukraine will be a jump in property crimes. Many of the offences can not get into the statistics of the registered criminal proceedings.

“The people were left without money for food, already starting to steal food in the shops. Petty theft in most fall under the administrative offenses, the authorities will pretend that nothing is happening. But all goes to the fact that there is a huge number of thefts. Just people still spend their money. According to statistics, now everything is quite smooth and there is no reason to sound the alarm. Moreover, street crime really went down: pickpocketing has become less robberies. But fraud is already gone in full growth. Particularly affected are the pensioners. Also cleaning the apartment, going to them under the guise of communal or social workers. Many began to steal bicycles, mopeds are now a very needed commodity. With regard to major crime, has gone an increase in robberies against businessmen by organized criminal groups. Bandits bombed the merchants, many of whom, fearing a banking collapse, withdrew money from the accounts and keep their cash at home, in the cache. In Ukraine dozens of episodes of armed raids, most of them unsolved,” confirms Kiev operative of criminal investigation Department Yury V.

More likely to suffer from unemployment, the youth and the elderly. It is no secret that the epidemic of coronavirus most Ukrainians after fifty years, in fact, there was nowhere to run — a few vacancies for age Ukrainians were asked only in the protection and trade: retailers in the markets and in supermarkets. By the way, even those who currently have a job, a quarantine added to the problems.

For example, 57-year-old security guard of an old furniture warehouse in Odessa Alex Zinenko because of the epidemic and cancellations of trains may not have a month to get home for the city.

“I was in a state of siege — live in the village for Kulindorovo (Northern outskirts of Odessa — approx. ed.). Trains cancelled, now to get home either by taxi or on the chaise, with a dozen transfers from bus to bus. In the end, the journey home would take four to five hours. Back how to get in Odessa, can not even imagine. Previously, I worked security a day after two. Now round the clock. Such as I, we in the protection of two of the villages around Odessa. Turns sleeping — bed in the duty room one for all. The toilet — also on the line. Well, at least the sink is. And then all would be mud thickets. I am lonely, and those who live with families from rural areas cannot get to work, sit in their villages, the last twist there,” — said Alexey.

The bosses of the warehouse, he said, turns a blind eye to the fact that instead of nine security guards is now the territory is guarded by only three people. Without rest and with daily work schedule.

Quit and find a more appropriate job Alex Zinenko cannot: there are no vacancies.

Overgrown with dense hairs, the partner of Alex Zinenko, 52-the summer inhabitant of the Kominternovsky district Yuri, sad jokes, they say, because of the “crown” they became guards “in the cube”.

“Work now for three each. Family do not see her for a month, only talking on the phone. It is sometimes possible to send money — and that is good. And that in my village no one has any money left — all of our work in Odessa, we have no work and was not. Now men sit at home. Most are plump, but not vodka, and moonshine. Vodka has no money. And because of the vodka in the evenings the fight. Who his wife Lupita who a neighbor with a shovel over old quarrels. Wife’s howl, when the quarantine will end, to feed the children have nothing. Money remains only on migrant workers (migrant workers — approx. ed.) — initially borrowed from them, and now they are in debt do not give themselves over already…” — described the situation, Yuri.

“We in the supermarket to quarantine was jobs and sellers, and security guards. It is a sphere — there is always turnover of staff, too small salary. But with the beginning of the quarantine, no seller and none of the guard did not quit, even though we have in the store have more to deduct from the salaries. The reason for deductions — theft. If you do not know, all the shortages in all the food networks blamed on the staff, the authorities calculate from wages. And they began to steal more every day and catch the thieves. Before stealing a cool booze — whisky, brandy, and now often steal the sausage, pasta, cereals and even bread. Dragging those who had not steal: young moms who are without husbands and work sit. Retirees who children stopped to help the young is also running out of money. Well, we are now in the store every day a lot of people trying to get a job. The administrator said recently, they say, who of us staff do not like our salaries and deductions for shortages — even running on oxygen, those wishing to our seats — a lot,” admitted the guard of a large supermarket in Odessa Konstantin Kornienko.

But it is hard and the students who previously worked in the service sector.

“Before the crisis, I was working as a bartender. Started from scratch, an assistant bartender. Specially studied for the courses, then worked in a restaurant in Odessa for two years. Then went to work in a nightclub, where the salary much more. More generally flooded: was invited to work in Kiev, in a very cool nightclub. But with the beginning of quarantine were filled with a copper basin — the club closed, had to return to Odessa. Clubs and restaurants are closed, no work all. So I went to work as a courier in the service” — said “the Country,” the 21-year-old bartender Dmitry.

23-year-old translator Timothy the second month can not find work, despite the fact that day to send dozens of resumes.

“Until the quarantine was trying to get to the hotel reception, required a receptionist with knowledge of English. Was jobs, now they are not. After the quarantine, nearly all the jobs closed. In General, even tried to get in Glovo — refused, saying that their suppliers enough,” admits Timothy.

Unlike Timothy, his friend Gregory M. still remained at work. Though unconfirmed. George works in “Bracke” — informally referred to as marriage websites.

“The majority of the marriage websites are scams that make money on the extortion of money from Americans and Europeans. The plan is: online, online allegedly, a girl sitting, talking with potential suitors. In fact, it’s a long looped video, where removed for a fee, a variety of women. In the video, the model leads a normal life, drinking coffee, behind the computer on the couch, stroking a cat, from time to time departs from the screen. And for her, write messages to others — typically either students, translators or just the guys with knowledge of English or another foreign. Time of fellowship is paid some small money, which customers are foreigners transferred to e-wallets. But the quarantine has hit the “bracken”. The main contingent of “braces” elderly foreigners, who pick out any real wives or girls on tour — sometimes they come. But now most of our foreign clients are more concerned about not device personal life, and the purchase of food and counting the remaining money many of them also left without a job. But those at work, have started to save — I’m afraid that the quarantine will last,” — said the employee of the marriage Agency online Gregory.

According to sources, the “Country” from the criminal milieu, professional criminals are also seriously hooked quarantine, forcing them to adjust to the realities.

“Those folds of the zones too need to feed. To get a job with a certificate of exemption and a life behind and before was impossible. Therefore, almost all the former prisoner had again to bomb the people (to steal and Rob — approx. ed.). Right now pobombit — all karmanasa (pickpockets — approx. ed.), fish on the jerk (the robbers down chains and bags on the run — approx. ed.), alimuly (pickpockets, hugging victims accidentally oboznavshis — approx. ed.) is not in the business. People on the streets there, in buses and trams stampede no. All in the mind. So guys other professions began to develop. Bombed car (steal wheels, electronics, and purses from cars — approx. ed.), bikes, mopeds pull them immediately snapping huckster. And those who are younger — a handful of the gang, shake of Commerce (commit armed raids and robberies on businesses — approx. ed.). Thieves support the people from the common funds. Especially stremler of young people (criminals small level approx. ed.). But the total — is not a bottomless cornucopia. If all earn normal, and our boys work there. If all the state in the ass, and we sit with no air (money — approx. ed.). Many of the boys overseas were going to go to work, they say there’s a quarantine will remove. If the quarantine continues, on areas a lot of people left will appear pervohodov (beginners, first convicted of a crime — approx. ed.). People will be nothing left to steal. Just for that, had something to eat. And the cops on these parohoda then “sticks” to itself instruct — statistics will increase on clearance rate”, — told about the situation in the criminal world of Odessa with four separate raids in the area of Vladimir.