We will restore air links with Russia only after the return of the Crimea, East of Ukraine and Kuban

The arrival of the largest European low-cost airline Ryanair this autumn in Ukraine will sharply exacerbate the competition for passengers. Offering their tickets at competitive prices, the airline could win over a substantial share of passenger traffic flying from Ukraine airlines.

However, the yield of Ryanair in Ukraine was not so easy. Until now, the carrier is not signed with airports of Boryspil and Lviv agreements about the terms on which he will work with them. Ryanair, known for its tough approach to such negotiations, wants to get the highest possible discounts for services in Ukrainian airports.

The arrival of Ryanair supports the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian, who in an interview with RBC-Ukraine, which we dedicated mainly aviation-related, said that aviation should become as familiar to citizens as the use of minibuses or taxi. For this service fees at airports, paid by airlines should be reduced, said the Minister.

On 5 may, the Ministry of infrastructure has published a draft order of the Ministry, which proposes to reduce airport charges at the airport Borispol. In particular, the document is reduced airport tax for each sent an international flight with 17 to $ 13. New working conditions in Borispol will facilitate work not only for Ryanair but also for any other airlines that will fly from the Ukrainian airports.

The Minister assured that due to the increase in the volume of passenger air hub will be able to earn more. Not just on Ryanair but on policy, plans for the construction of two new airports in Ukraine, development of domestic flights, the possible timing of the restoration of air links with Russia, the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian said in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

About Mykola Martynenko

RBC-Ukraine: Why have you decided to bail to the former MP, a defendant in one of the investigations of the National anti-corruption Bureau Mykola Martynenko?

Vladimir Omelian: I did it deliberately, though I understood the flurry of emotions it will evoke. It was a position political party. I, as delegated from the member of the government, I believe that could not do otherwise. I can’t say that it gave me some positive feelings. So I changed — not. So I started to work differently- either. But it was the compromise that was necessary for the common cause.

— But why you were not in the final list of people who vouched for Martynenko in court?

— I was surprised, too. All necessary materials are signed by me and the statements I have submitted.

— What now is your relationship with Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the leader of the party “people’s front“, which delegated to the Cabinet?

— Absolutely normal and constructive. In fact, this decision they have not undergone drastic changes. He is the leader of the party. I have to have good relations with him as with the leader of the party.

— Is it true that you directly pressed Arseniy Yatsenyuk, to take bail Mykola Martynenko?

— There was no pressure. But I don’t think you can count on the support of the party, not supporting it himself, and Vice versa.

About Ryanair

— Let’s talk directly about your work. You recently strongly criticized for what you suggested to set the lowest rate airport services to Ryanair at the airport Borispol and this can lead to multimillion losses for the company. Someone doesn’t like you to invite to Ukraine the airline Ryanair?

— People are always afraid of the unknown. Instead of new things to bring joy, people get scared. We patiently explains that for the market and present it carriers it will only be a win — will increase competition, increase the number of shipments, more people will fly. Of course, this caused concern to some of the classic airlines. And it’s not just MAU, it and Lufthansa. She is also concerned about the entry of Ryanair on the Ukrainian market. In addition, concerned about the airline Wizz Air. It and other companies who work here and fly.

They understand that they will now have to realign their strategy, because Ryanair really works in the low price segment with very harsh conditions of work with airports and with passengers. With them to compete difficult. If Ryanair now carries a year in 130 million passengers, in their plans in the coming years to reach 200 million passengers. My vision and plans and strategy of the Ministry of infrastructure are that the Ukrainians are flying more often. If flies 4-5% of the population, as it is now, in fact, it is negligible. The emergence of budget carrier fits in well with the concept of our strategy, namely: to make the aircraft affordable means of transport. The use of the aircraft must become as familiar to citizens as the use of minibuses or taxi. Taxi is a high class, but still a taxi. Today to fly the aircraft for mad money, Ukrainians should save six months. This should not be.

— According to a source in the aviation market, you have signed a Protocol with Ryanair, which fixed price of 7.5 dollars, which will pay the airline for airport services per passenger in Borispol. Now this figure is at the airport is much higher. Allegedly Ryanair believes this Protocol is binding for the Ministry of Infrastructure. Is this true?

— Here again there is a lot of speculation. What has been done? After zhulyani (Kiev airport — approx. ed.) “suddenly” refused Ryanair, we have held talks with the airport and with Ryanair. Me signed a letter of intent in the presence of a representative of Boryspil, who also confirmed these positions. There was not only fixing prices, but also a number of other parameters that are acceptable to Boryspil. Now the airport is working on the realization of all these parameters in the agreement. This makes the airport Lviv.

— However, that appears in documents figure 7.5 the dollar?

I can’t comment on it. This is a confidential information.

— You can publish the letter of intent?

— Again this is confidential information. This obligation between the airport and Ryanair. For me, the key to all the airlines present at the airport, had equal conditions. If we have competition, it needs to be on an equal footing.

— When the Boryspil will sign the contract with Ryanair?


— Held successful negotiations in Belfast (in late April, during an aviation conference Routes Europe 2017 in Northern Ireland — approx. ed.). Now we finally agree on a program of development of Boryspil airport and an equal price policy for all.


— The conditions that will be spelled out in the agreement with Ryanair, will be exclusive for this new airline? Or they can expect other carriers?

— Of course, these conditions must lie in the General concept of development of Boryspil. We have the same situation that the air, at sea, in other sectors where state companies are unfounded ultra-high tariffs for the provision of its services. Because of this, the Ukrainian economy becomes uncompetitive. We see this in ports, according to Ukrzaliznytsya. Therefore, the key challenge that I set myself as Minister, is to reduce tariffs, but at the expense of increasing the volume to earn more.

But the reduction of tariffs will lead to lower profits for state-owned enterprises in Kiev….

— When we analyzed the tariff policy of the airport Borispol, we saw some interesting things. The last time the tariffs for airport services rose in 2008. The rationale for the increase was the need to obtain funds for the construction of new terminals. The terminals have already been built. The question arises — what is the difference, which was raised fare in 2008? The airport needs to be competitive. If we want to have a lot of passengers, the services of the airport should not cost more than the plane ticket.

— Do I understand correctly that the new tariffs for services in Borispol will not be committed on any one level, and will vary depending on, for example, the volume of passengers?

Now it’s all agreed. Therefore, I think that the best comment on the representative of the airport Borispol.

— How will set new conditions for airlines? By Order Of The Ministry Of Infrastructure?

— Yes, we prepared changes. The draft order is already on the website of the Ministry of infrastructure.

— Do you think that the economic development Ministry and the Finance Ministry will agree on this order?

— It is a question of public policy. If we want to fully “engage” in the European Union, they have to agree. If we want to deal only with declarations, you might not to sign and wait for us will fall on his head. In the bad sense of the word.

— Does the Prime Minister entering the Ukrainian market Ryanair?

— It supports. I am pleased that we have unanimous support from the President, Prime Minister and political parties that form the coalition, and that pleased other parties.

— Do you have fears that NABU will launch an investigation for you due to reduction in rates of airport charges in Borispol?

— You know, I think I’m doing the right thing for people. If I have personal problems, as well as on Friday (21 April there was criticism in social networks due to the fact that Vladimir Omelian agreed to bail Mykola Martynenko — approx. ed.), so I’m going to have personal problems. But I clearly know that this movement of the country in the right direction.

— Whether to require Ryanair any extra money for flights to Ukraine?

— Negotiations with Ryanair had been carried out since 2011-2012. We actually resumed the talks after I became Minister. From Ryanair was an absolutely normal approach. They didn’t ask for any additional payments for flights in Ukraine, as they often do in other countries. To tell more I have no right. But the negotiations went on simultaneously with the airports Zhulyany and Lviv. Even before the negotiations with Jules from Ryanair submitted a request to Boryspil, but they somehow ignored it. I’m happy that they finally came to the Boryspil and Lviv.

— Why Juliani refused?

I don’t want to interfere in their business. They thought they would get better. I believe this decision is incorrect. By the way, my view is shared by the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko. But again, that’s their business.

— The least of the problems for the entry of Ryanair was airport Lviv. On what conditions will operate the airport for Ryanair?

— Competitive and attractive for the airport and Ryanair.

— Why is it that the Ryanair route map from Lviv wider than from Borispol?

— There (in Ukraine — approx. ed.) of less resistance. I think that because of this in the first place.


— Why does not address the issue of the Ryanair flights not from Boryspil, and from smaller airports in the City, Zhitomir or White Church? Ryanair, in many countries, it flies to secondary airports which reduces ticket prices, because in such airports are much lower prices for airport services.

— Because I think it’s ridiculous at this stage to fly from the City. To be honest. We do not yet have such a large number of people who are willing to fly even at low prices, so we talked about using some remote airports. In addition, the infrastructure in Gostomel is not developed. Of course, the condition of the runway in Gostomel is very good. But everything else is not there. For example, there is a question — how to get to the airport. In addition, there is no terminal. Was crazy ideas, for example, to fly from the airport to Uzyn, Zhitomir, or from somewhere else. But at this stage for us, the key to Ryanair came in. I went in, they believe in two potentially hub of the city — Lviv and Kyiv. I think their plans are a lot more that is just the beginning. If all goes well, they will significantly expand its activities in Ukraine and will start to fly from other cities. I would be very happy to Borispol and Lviv was the base airports for Ryanair. This is all possible. The main thing to want. Or to leave the situation as is, and ride in the cart is, in principle, 30-60 days and you are already in Europe with oxen.

— Do I understand correctly that Ryanair is considering flights to and from cities such as Odessa or Dnipro?

— Yes, they see. They are potentially interesting to them. I hope not only to them. So I’d really like to see all cities that have the proper infrastructure in the first place, the runway and air navigation systems security, had the opportunity to take a large number of airlines.


— Ryanair is considering flights within Ukraine?

Yet we are not allowed by law to a foreign airline operates flights on domestic routes. This is possible only in the case that Ryanair will have some its Ukrainian subsidiary. But I don’t know of such cases in the practice of Ryanair. I hope that this year we will create another airline, which will be a worthy competitor to the MAU. And we will have what once we had, namely the competition between the two national carriers — UIA and AeroSvit.

— Can you tell me what airline is it?


— Can’t talk now. Negotiations are still ongoing.

— How true is the information that the airline will focus on domestic flights?

— I am more than confident that they will carry out domestic transport. I’d like to have normal competition, complementary synergy, but not a struggle. The main thing that it happened. We are now working hard.

— In addition to Ryanair and create a new airline, there are some investments in aviation?

— This week (the interview took place in the last week of April — approx. ed.), the heads of Boryspil and Lviv, Pavlo Ryabikin and Tatiana Romanovskaya were in Northern Ireland, in Belfast, at the aviation conference Routes Europe 2017. They brought good news. In addition, one of the largest airlines in the world — Qatar Airways has officially announced the launch of flights to Ukraine. After the beginning of flights of this carrier from Ukraine, we will be able to compare the work of Qatar Airways, Ukraine international airlines and Ryanair. These airlines work in three completely different niches. AlItalia returned to the Ukrainian market.


I doubt the Ukrainians will be able to compare the work of Qatar Airways, since she has the tickets, usually more expensive, MAU and Ryanair.

— Again, one chooses what may. Importantly, the choice was.

But who knows when Qatar Airways will begin flights to Ukraine…

— Planned winter season 2017 —summer 2018. We are now conducting negotiations with them.

— Qatar Airways is based in the middle East in Qatar. A few years ago in Ukraine began to fly another airline from the region — Emirates. However, not after a year, she turned up the flights. Are there negotiations with Emirates on the resumption of flights?


— I would also like. But it is too early to talk about it.

— How can you comment on the desire UIA to launch flights on the same routes, which Ryanair plans?

I was surprised by this information. That’s probably good.

— It will increase competition.

— Of course. But then Ryanair needs to go to the routes MAU to full competition. And then, if only one airline goes to the other routes, it’s not quite right.

— First Ryanair has announced that will start flying in late October. But recently, he said that the flight route will start two months earlier. Why did this happen?

I don’t know. But I assume that’s probably because of the hype they start flying earlier. Apparently, the dynamics of ticket sales satisfy them.

One of the direct competitors of Ryanair — easyJet — is considering launching flights to Ukraine? Are negotiating with them?

Preliminary conversations were. We’ll see.

About airports and Igor Kolomoisky

— How can you comment on the first week of the new head of the Boryspil Paul Ryabikina? And how do you assess the work of Tatiana Romanov as the head of Lviv?

— The work of Tatiana Romanov, I appreciate. She did much for the development of the city. When she came to this position, the airport was in such a state that it can be closed in a few months. It dramatically increased the number of flights, number of airlines. There are a lot of new routes. This is a big plus. And it is her merit in the first place. No it didn’t say how to work. She went and began to work. I like these heads. The results of the work of Paul Ryabikina’s too early to say. He started, he tries. I think that in the past month, the second will be clear. But he has all chances to become a leader.

— Why after Paul Ryabikin was appointed General Director of Boryspil made the decision to leave the former acting General Director of the airport Eugene Dykhne for the post of first Deputy? Also, the remaining positions of other managers, many of which are associated with UIA and AeroSvit, that is, the firm oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

Is the solution Paul Ryabikina. My point is that the new leader should lead a new team.

— A few days after Pavlo Ryabkin started to lead the Commission, the SBU announced that they, together with the prosecutors exposed the embezzlement of almost 30 million, the management of the airport. How can you comment on this post?

Such cases have been and will be many more. We fully support such investigations. The problem a lot of questions. Once it comes to state property, there is a lot of wanting to cash in on public property. For example, in Boryspil is an opportunity due to low government rates for leased space to heat up their pockets. There is also the opportunity to “earn” on aviation fuel, Parking and so on at the airport.

— When completed will be Parking at the Borispol?

— Construction will resume this year and will be completed in the next.

— If we were talking about issues related to law enforcement, can not help but ask about the recent arrest of SBU the Prosecutor’s office of the Deputy Tatyana Romanov, namely Deputy Director General for the operation of the airport Lviv Roman Zozulja. Him accuse of extortion and receiving a bribe…

— We knew about it. We talked about this with Tatiana Romanov. Our suspicions were confirmed. We do help the General Procurator. Unfortunately, it happens. While one works, the others steal.

— Let’s talk about other Ukrainian airports. Last year, the office of ministerof adopted the State target program of airport development by 2023, which will be invested from different sources to several billion hryvnias in Ukrainian airports. One of the projects to invest in there is the airport of Odessa. Now his runway is in poor condition. Does the state invest in its repair?

— According to our preliminary estimates for its repair should be about 2 billion hryvnia. We had planned to get the first 300 million UAH for these purposes last year. Sorry, failed to clear these funds. I hope that this year will be able to obtain funds for repairs. The runway in Odessa, do you need to fix. A private investor built there a good terminal, but the poor state of the band affects both the Odesa and the region. In my deep opinion, and Odessa, and Lviv could be hubs for their regions. They Borispol has become.

— This year I plan to get the same 300 million hryvnia?

— I hope that I will be able to get more. But the issue remains that we study.

— It solves the Finance Ministry?


— Yes, it solves the Finance Ministry.

— What about the idea of the former Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration Mikhail Saakashvili to build a new airport in Odessa? It was abandoned?

— It is an idea. In the future, if in the port of Odessa will go international port operators DP World and Hutchison Ports and the port of South is a large industrial hub, the idea of building a new cargo airport near South will be interesting. While this is one of those books of Jules Verne. But, in principle, most of what is written the writer in his novels, has come true.

— Another airport that many airlines claim, is the airport of the Dnieper. In fact, it is owned by Igor Kolomoisky, who is not eager to see him as competitors of airlines, Ukraine international airlines and Dniproavia. Do you plan to do anything in order to facilitate the access to this airport to other airlines? Do not consider the possibility to deprive the airport of the certificate, which is issued subordinate to the State aviation service?


— It would be an extreme measure. This can be done only when all resources are exhausted. I believe that this would actually be a punishment for the inhabitants of the Dnieper and the region around it. And so they are now flying with the complexities of ticket prices from the Dnieper crazy, there is no alternative. Many of them go to the airport of Zaporozhye. But the airport of Zaporizhia being repaired. This abnormal situation in the river. I hope that the next city from where Ryanair fly, is, in fact, the Dnieper.

— Do you think that Ryanair will be allowed in the birthplace of Igor Kolomoisky?


— We will think how to do it.

— Can you tell me what will you do?

— So far we have addressed in Antimonopoly Committee. Waiting for his decision. We had a discussion with the owners of the airfield in the river. Held talks with the leadership of the region, one of the most progressive in Ukraine, in my opinion. If they end successfully, perhaps the solution we find. There is an initiative of the mayor of the Dnieper Boris Filatov to build an alternative airport. In fact, this initiative also deserves attention. With modern technology it’s not so expensive, as it was before. So now we are considering both options — either finish successfully negotiations with the current owners of the airport, or concentrate our efforts with the mayor of the Dnieper, to build a new airport.

— Where exactly in the river is planned to build a new airport?

— The place is already there. A clear understanding also.


— What volume of investments can be directed to this project, and who will invest?

— It will be a public-private partnership. It will definitely be the co-financing from the oblast, city and possibly the state, if we can find the resources.

— At what stage in the process of re-privatization of the airline “Dnepravia“?

The information that the Economic court of Dnipropetrovsk region on the suit of the state property Fund adopted a decision on the cancellation of the contract of purchase and sale with the current owners of the airline, was news to me. I read it in the Facebook page of the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko. But there continue to be the appeal. I don’t know about the future of the airline. I don’t think the state will be the best owner of that asset.

— If the airline will still be returned to the state, who will manage the state property Fund or the Ministry of Infrastructure?


— It is too early to say.

— Let’s talk about another asset of Igor Kolomoisky in the aviation sector — airport and Ivano-Frankivsk. Last year the airport started to fly Turkish Airlines. However, the flight quickly stopped, because the airport said the planes Turkish Airlines strip can come into disrepair. Were you able to find a solution to the problem?

I was at the airport in Ivano-Frankivsk to verify this information. Indeed, the technical condition of the strip are bad. The airport was built for military purposes by fighter to 20 tons of plates that are easily installed and removed. But this band can not withstand the load of modern large aircraft. So at that airport sharply there is a question of reconstruction of the strip. Unfortunately, this is a problem of all airports in Ukraine. Airports built in the Soviet era, can not withstand the weight of modern aircraft. But there are many who want local governments to Finance the modernization of airports. For example, the Zhytomyr yourself doing it. The same example in Kherson. In addition, ukraerorukh (the State enterprise of air traffic service of Ukraine — approx. ed.) invests in the upgrading of air navigation equipment — this year more than 120 million euros. So all together we are able to do something, individually, no.

— Back to the already mentioned program of development of airports by 2023. This year in the framework of its implementation, where it is planned to direct means, in addition to Odessa?

— First of all, it’s still the airport. This is a key question that needs to be addressed. If we get that project, we expect the allocation of funds also at the airports in Vinnitsa, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Dnipro.

— I can not ask about plans to restore the West of the airport — Uzhgorod. Previously, there from Kiev operates regular flights of the airline “Motor Sich”, but now regular flights there. What is being done to restore it?

— Just two weeks ago we talked with the head of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Gennady Moskal. For the flights, the airport is undergoing certification in the Ministry of transport. This process takes quite a long time. Now there are only occasional flights in the daytime.

— In addition, in the airport of Uzhgorod there is a specific problem. For landing on the airport the planes have to go with the airspace of Slovakia. Recently to obtain such permits was also problematic. What do you do to solve this problem?

— Now you can only obtain one-time permission. If this problem could be solved at the level of bilateral negotiations with Slovakia, we would have solved it long ago. But this question must also agreed with Brussels, so the solution to this problem takes more time than we expected.

About open skies and flights within the country

— When will be signed long-awaited Agreement on a common aviation area with the EU?

— This week (last week of April — approx. ed.) I met with the EU Ambassador to Ukraine Hugues Mingarelli. Traditionally raised this issue first. Unfortunately, the situation is even worse. This is due to another round of tension between Spain and Britain over Gibraltar (the two countries argue for the affiliation of Gibraltar and its airport, the EU can’t agree on the text of the agreement for the signing of Ukraine — approx. ed.). In the EU, remember us, they also make efforts, but so far the issue has not been resolved. To convince the Madrid and London while it is impossible. So we went towards the signing of bilateral agreements on the liberalization of air space with the EU.

But more recently, you claimed that there is a positive trend in solving this problem?

— Was a positive trend when I in December last year, went to Brussels. It seemed that here-here will sign the agreement. — You promised to put up a tent in Brussels to achieve the signing of this agreement. Will be put?

— Yes, promised. But now can not put, because I can say that I ran away from taking responsibility for Mykola Martynenko. What are the EU countries are negotiating liberalization?

— With most. In particular, with France, Belgium, Austria, and other.

— Whether the planned liberalization of air links with Turkey, through airports where there is significant flow of Ukrainian transit passengers?

— This is a complex issue. Here I am on the side of the MAU, because I understand that the liberalization of air transport with Turkey will lead to the fact that the Ukrainian passenger will choose Istanbul for transplantation to other countries. I don’t want to. I want from Ukraine flew around the world. I don’t want all Ukrainians to fly through another country around the world.

— Back to regional airports. Since the days of the modernization of airports for Euro 2012 remain a debt of the state to builders and other contractors. How do you plan to solve this problem?

— In fact, to this end, we revived Europropre (National Agency on preparation and holding in Ukraine of finals of European championship 2012 football championship and implementation of infrastructure projects — approx. ed.), now the Agency infrastructure projects. The Agency hung a lot of unfinished work, not only on the airfield in Lviv, but the airport in Kharkiv and a number of objects in Kiev. I hope that we will be able to run it in. Now negotiating with the Finance Ministry for this reason.

— So what purpose you reanimiruyet this Agency?

— First and foremost, with the purpose to put into operation the objects. And the second goal is to run the project for the modernization of airfields in the country and possibly the implementation of some large infrastructure projects in the future.

— The idea of unification of all public aerodromes in one state-owned enterprise, at what stage is?

Yet the implementation of this idea is suspended. If we have accumulated a resource for modernization in the framework of the state-owned enterprises, then we could talk about it. Yet we are such a resource is not found. Consider the idea that the funds for take-off and landing of planes at airports will be accumulated in the General Fund budget. After that the funds will go to reconstruction of runways. But while the decision has not been made. Now these funds are used to account airports.

Is it true that the Ministry of Infrastructure is currently developing a programme of support to domestic flights?

— We’re working on it. Moreover, we have already collected offers from all airlines. Expect only from the largest Ukrainian airlines (UIA — ed. ed) of its proposal. First of all, this program will focus on addressing the problems with the removal of VAT on tickets for domestic flights. We believe that this will greatly reduce the cost of flights for our citizens. In addition, the program will establish mechanisms reduce the cost of airport services. Cannot be cheap ticket to an expensive airport. With this problem facing Turkey. They built a very good ground, but then they were privatized or conceded. As a result, first air travel has increased dramatically, but then the growth rate decreased significantly. This happened due to the fact that airports began to make excessive, not within 5-10%, and much more.

— When and by whom it will be adopted this program?

— Not ready to say because I do not want to give empty promises. We are now working on it.

— You mentioned about the concession. Repeatedly raised the issue of transfer Boryspil airport to concession to private business. Does not consider whether the Ministry of Infrastructure such opportunity now?

— This idea is being discussed. But it contradicts the Ukrainian legislation, since the airport is of strategic importance for the state and it is prohibited for privatization and concessions. But in principle, I do not exclude that it would be a good step for the development of the airport, giving it a large international operator. We see in international practice, in this case, profits increase significantly. For the state, including. We understand that the international operator will definitely not be interested in corruption schemes. But on the other hand, there is the experience of Turkey, which to some extent cannot be considered as positive — these airports are concentrated on maximizing their profits. But it is important that the population flew and had access to cheap affordable aviation transport.


— By the way, what is the fate of the project “Air Express” — the construction of the railway Kyiv to Boryspil airport?

— Previously, it was decided to roll out a line of credit from the Export-import Bank of China under the project. But this week I had a meeting with the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko, where we discussed this issue. I believe that in case of realization of our policy regarding the development consists of the emergence of a large number of low-cost airlines, there will be an absurd situation, when a flight from Kiev to any European city will cost 20 euros, and the taxi ride to the airport — 10-15 euros. It’s a wrong situation. My idea is to build light rail from the metro station “Borispol” to the city of Boryspil with a separate branch to airport. In this case, we have a great synergy — we have, in addition to the subway, airport Park and ride will transport all cottage villages and other settlements along the line with Parking.

And as Vitaly Klitschko reacted to this idea?

— In principle, positive. But he understands that this requires a lot of work to do. It’s probably harder than to build a subway to troieschyna.

— I can not ask about the Crimea. After its annexation by Russia, the Ukraine imposed a ban on flights to local airports for all airlines. Under international law, airspace over the Crimea remains with Ukraine. However, the flights in the Crimea began the Russian airline. Ukraine imposes for these flights to Russian airlines fines. Their total amount has reached hundreds of millions of hryvnia. What is Ukraine for the recovery of these penalties?

— The Ministry of infrastructure and the state aviation administration for its part did everything possible for this. All the trials which it was possible to win, we won. Further, it is the competence of the Ministry of justice — General to file a lawsuit against Ukraine to the aggressor state of Russia.

— What do you mean? Ukraine has filed a lawsuit against Russia in international court of justice.

Yes. It will be in all of the claims against Ukraine to international courts separate aviation lawsuit.

— When Ukraine will submit the claim?

I don’t know.

— Is there a possibility to impose sanctions for flights to Crimea in the Russian airline with ICAO — International civil aviation organization?

— We closed this option. Yet clear enough to talk about some kind of victory. But if you mentioned the ICAO, I want to announce that in April we successfully passed the test of this organization. We are the only Eastern European country which was not significant comment. Therefore, in matters of aviation security, we on top.

— Ask a hypothetical question. After Georgia’s war with Russia between the two countries was interrupted flights. But then it was gradually restored. Is there any progress in terms of restoring air communication between Ukraine and Russia?

— I think that we will restore air links with Russia only after the return of the Crimea, East of Ukraine and, I hope, Kuban and other Ukrainian territories that were captured by Russia at the time.

— Ask one question at Ukrzaliznytsia. We all know your critical of the Chairman of the management Board Wojciech TIES to Balcony. But he has support from the Prime Minister. Will the Cabinet to extend the term of the contract, a term of one year which is about to expire?

— I think ultimately this decision will be considered by the Cabinet, after you heard the report on the work for the year. But even the recent message UZ on the results of the international audit for the year 2016 confirms that Wojciech Balczun not in place. BONDS was a loss of more than I expected: instead of 6 billion hryvnia is UAH 7.3 billion. I would love to go to the concert of Wojciech Balczun after his dismissal.