What are mushrooms good for health

Vitamins in mushrooms are not so little. Vitamin A in many mushrooms – mushrooms, white, flap mushrooms, chanterelles – not less than in carrots. Vitamin B1 in the mushrooms, chanterelles, white mushrooms contains as much as in cereals and beef liver, writes real-vin.com.

There are fungi and zinc (good for skin and blood vessels), and sulfur (strengthens hair and nails), and potassium (removes from the body excess fluid and prevents the appearance of cellulite), and copper (makes tissue more elastic) and other trace elements.

However, all this does not mean that you should eat grilled or boiled mushrooms, your appearance and health will surely be better. Unfortunately, all the nutrients contained in mushrooms are destroyed by heat processing. The only way to preserve the vitamins and minerals – to dry mushrooms, and then crushed into powder and sprinkle the received seasoning the finished dish.

Mushroom dishes are hard to digest and therefore, to avoid problems with the stomach, a healthy person can eat not more than 300 g boiled or roasted mushrooms. Fans of domestic preparations is also not necessary to be overly fond of a favorite dish. Without harm to health a day you can eat only 100 g of pickled or salted mushrooms.