Money on animals: business plan veterinary shop

It would seem that in crisis people not particularly interested in taking care of the Pets at such a time would earn to purchase bread and milk for himself and payment of utility services. And if you want to buy pet food, you can go to the supermarket and choose a delicacy, based on the thickness of the purse — the good, the range there is a wide. It is therefore considered that the business projects aimed at the classic needs of Pets, now start is not: a high probability that they will be a failure. In reality, everything is exactly the opposite, experts say: strangely enough, in Ukraine, even now being implemented interesting niche products and services for animals. Actively develop these businesses as mini-hotels, beauty salons and organization of events for Pets, production of kogtetochek, bags for waste, cardboard boxes, etc. “These projects have all the chances of life — provided of drafting a competent business plan, strict development strategies and provide a really good service,” — said the head of the franchise Association Andrey Krivonos. “Today” has studied the prospects of launching a small wemagazine in Kiev.

Business plan veterinary shop

1. Project description

Opened in Poznyaki small emagazin “Whiskers and paws”. The main feature of vet services, which must obtain among the clients of the unofficial status of the district. That is, the specialist will go to the address to assess the health of your pet and if necessary will give recommendations for treatment. Also, our specialist will advise clients to vitamins, accessories, procedure for the animal. It estimates that if every day, 5 customers will pay for goods and services 150 UAH, the project will pay off approximately for a year.

2. Start-up capital

First, invest in a simple online store, which with an annual domain and hosting will cost 12 thousand UAH. You also need to buy the initial stock — feed, vitamins, medications, clothing, toys, scratching posts etc. For the purchase of 500 units of goods will need about 23 thousand UAH. Requires equipment: a pair of laptops and mobile phones, the modem, router and scanner with the printer for this purpose lay 25 thousand UAH.

TOTAL: 60 thousand UAH

3. Marketing, advertising

When it comes to promote the project, you need to rely on free methods of promotion and rely on word of mouth. Time is important for us the audience of the neighborhood, you need to get around to nearby points of roaming animals, meet the owners and to offer services. You also need to have their pages in social networks, go to groups area. It is useful to start a blog on our website. Organize actions, develop for clients the system of cumulative bonuses. Also need business cards and flyers.

TOTAL: 1000 UAH per month

4. Current expenses

At the start won’t rent an office: restrict Internet sales and services getdiagnostic. The stock of goods will be kept at home. Arrange with vendors for emergency delivery of the goods if necessary, and affiliated with the veterinary clinic if you see “urgent” patients. Thus, you will need to spend money on the mobile, Internet, electricity (500 UAH). Employees will work with the administrator, business owner and veterinarian (you can get), rate — 5 thousand UAH + percent.

TOTAL: 10.5 thousand UAH.

5. Return

In “Whiskers and paws” goods are on average 30-150 UAH, and the services of a specialist start from 80 UAH. That is, the average bill for a customer will amount to 150 UAH. Assume daily contact by 5 people. Then in a month earn 22,5 thousand UAH. Minusuem current (10.5 thousand) and marketing (UAH 1,000) expenses (a total of 11.5 thousand), we get 11 million In costs will put 25% of the initial investments to support assortment (6 th), remain 5 thousand UAH. It turns out that with the initial cost of 60 thousand UAH project will pay off a year from now.

Looking for a gentle psychologist

Start your own business where the main customers will be budgerigars, goldfish or hamsters, is only if the future owner likes Pets or is in this direction, a professional — for example, an experienced veterinarian. “It may sound strange, but in a business built on working with animals and their owners, we have to be a good psychologist. This is important because you need to be able to find a common language with dogs or cats, which, like people, have unique, cheerful or whimsical characters. And if they do not like it, animals can use claws with teeth. Secondly, communication skills and understanding of psychology is important when building long-term relationships with pet owners: when you know what the person’s favorite color when he walks with the animals and how they spend with them free time, it is easier to translate a random client in a permanent,” — said the co-owner of the capital shop for animals Romashova Irina.

To business start it is important to understand whether the demand for goods and services for animals in specific city or area. “To offer the animal owner a choice of the entrepreneur. In principle it is possible to trade even common food. But it is necessary immediately to ensure the flow of customers. Then you need to go in certain clubs. You can also get acquainted with the owners of mini-hotels, veterinarians, or beauty, or look for customers while walking in the Park where people walk with their Pets. And, if you know how to get acquainted with these people and offer them great prices or unusual services, it is a good chance to get a new customer,” — says Olga Danilova, Manager of one of the hotels for animals in Odessa.

You can also create a database of customers through the provision of services of a veterinarian. “If the veterinarian will offer in their area of service medical examination of a pet and the sale of certain vitamins, educational games and animal feed at wholesale prices — such examination to leave the house can also be claimed by residents of the neighborhood”, — says Andrey Krivonos.

Need a unique service

The business developed actively, the experts recommend be run in new residential areas or residential complexes. “It’s going to work, because in new houses live mostly effective population that can afford the goods the level of the mass market and the “above average prices”. If these people have Pets, they will not be on the purchase of feed or accessories to save every penny. These customers can, for example, offer designer jacket, fancy collar with strazikami or a scratching post made of natural materials,” says Irina Romashova.

For the organization customer business do not have to rent a large room in the 60-70 sq. m: you can do with running a small reception with a good website, and inventory of goods actually stored, such as your home. “To start, it is important to figure out what items you will need for sales. If the core business will be the service — for example, veterinary advice, the provision of overnight accommodation in mini-hotel or in the formation of fashionable haircuts and manicures, then we must place our bets on specialists. But often the owner of the business is a hairdresser or a vet. In this case, to provide the services enough to rent a small room, 20-30 sq. m. And if the entrepreneur wants to earn by selling products for animals — you can negotiate with the suppliers, who will under the order to bring necessary food or accessories”, — says Olga Danilova.

If the business start to bet on providing good service, it will allow you to open a business even with small capital up to $5 thousand “Such start-up costs will help to reduce risks if the business ultimately doesn’t work out. Besides, will not have to invest in setting up the assortment and inventory that can be sold. But if the business will grow in the future, you can bet on a wide range”, — says Andrey Krivonos.

Peeping through the ideas abroad

In our market of goods and services for animals, you can try to start not just with a niche idea, but to adopt global business experience, said Andrei Krivonos. As an example, he cites such popular services as… vicesister Pets. “This format is popular in France, Belgium, Austria. By combing the doctor involved and at the same time determines whether the animal’s great if he has fleas etc. Goes, combing animal is actually a medical service, because the diagnosis of the health of the animal is conducted based on the analysis of the state of his fur. This is logical since the animal can’t tell if he’s sick, for example, teeth. But if hair falls out — it is a sign of serious health problems. Therefore, after diagnosis, wool vicesister can tell the owner of the pet, to what expert must go on to solve problems,” Krivonos explains.

Even abroad, people often turn to… nutritionists for the animals! “This format is popular because for different purposes you need to arrange a different approach to nutrition. So if a person leads the dog classes at dog training school — she needs a balanced feed, for example, meat and cereal and not soup, pasta and sweets on the table. This is even more important that depending on the breed, weight and age of the animal, has its own peculiarities in the formation of his diet. And all these details can suggest a nutritionist for animals,” said Krivonos.

But if you have your own interesting idea, go for it — after all, what kind of services will come into fashion tomorrow, nobody knows. “There are people who bury animals, so logical could be the launch of the crematorium or the Internet-the cemetery for Pets. A four-legged need dental services, plastic surgery, cleaning, photography, travel agencies, nannies or nurses… it is possible to manufacture special diapers or sweets, or toilet pads for animals that are attached to a normal toilet. These unusual ideas can be many,” explains Sergeant.