“Night wolves” under the sticky glaze of Russian propaganda

The Czech Republic will again visit the questionable members of the Russian motorcycle club “Night wolves”, which for the third year in a row in the first days of may make a sortie in the footsteps of the red army under the slogan “To Berlin!”. Poland banned them from entering their territory, but “Night wolves” just go round it and on Saturday when the parade will arrive in Prague. Therefore, the Czech activists are sounding the alarm and prepare an appropriate reception. However, the “Night wolves” is only the icing on the cake of the Russian anniversary of the end of world war II, drizzled in a sticky glaze of propaganda.

Weapons glorifies the world

Every year the beginning of may in Russia — the company is riddled with delusions of grandeur of the festivities in honor of the completion of the largest conflict in human history. This day could be called army Day or Day of “look how much we have polished soldiers and military equipment”. Let’s leave aside the fact that just at this time, all the weapons should be, on the contrary, is forgotten, as we celebrate peace. So on a day we ought to get rid of demonstrations of tools, whose main goal — to deprive of life.

The day of Victory without winners

The problem with the Russian interpretation of the Victory has two aspects. In Soviet times it was forgotten information (and the new regime in the 90-ies did not bother to remember) that the Soviet Union helped to start a war. The Molotov — Ribbentrop Pact of 1939, which established the agreement of Stalin and Hitler to divide Poland, of course, stumped not one Czech student. But certainly, this Pact did not baffle any Russian schoolboy. The reason is simple: that stain on the Soviet/Russian Victory shield not told in school. Moreover, such information can be brought to justice, if you accidentally publish it, for example, on Facebook.

The second aspect that makes the cake of the first paragraph of a big hole, it is a fact that the USSR won the war alone. But other allies during the festivities somehow forget. Thus, the format of the Day Winning is very distorted. All this faded cake is filled with frosting nationalist propaganda, which specifically fits the day should commemorate all victims of war, to the idea of Imperial sizes, the glory and, most importantly, continuity with a powerful Empire.

“Night wolves” on the way policy

Now about what role to play “Night wolves”. The oldest motorcycle club in Russia, which no one discriminare, it is true that women and homosexuals may not be members, positioning itself as distant from the politics of the Association. But then the leader of the organization Alexander Zaldostanov should not have to support the separatists in the Donbass, and the members of the club should not have to participate in the annexation of Crimea by the Russian armed forces, how about writing a server Newsru.com. And just as getting a “Night wolves” funds from President Putin hardly suggests political neutrality. How can confirm all non-governmental organizations and associations, the alpha and omega are not the money as such a source. And if you pretend to neutrality, can’t take money from politicians.

A few years ago the server “Novaya Gazeta” published a biography of Alexander Zaldostanov, which refers to the weight of his political connections they acquired in 90 years, being an entrepreneur. Since then, he is a frequent guest of various receptions and events organized for “ten thousand Russian elite”. In addition, the head of the motorcycle club known for his nationalist views, and that is a zealous supporter of Stalin. Probably neutrality is something wrong if, because of such activities, the United States imposed against the club, sanctions, and Zaldostanov is listed in the black list of persona non grata immediately after the leader of the separatist Donetsk people’s “Republic” Zakharchenko.

Red flag as a symbol of peace?

And these people travel through Europe with red flags and Soviet symbols to glorify the world… I have nothing against celebrations of the end of the war, but only if they are not used as a cover for the dissemination of ideas, by their very nature instigate the beginning of a new war, even if only informational. So do not be surprised when in the current hybrid war Poland prohibits this “far from politics” of the organization to enter their territory.

We celebrate the end of the Second world war, because the horrors of this conflict should never be forgotten. But we will not because of laziness or indifference simplistic to perceive those aspects that the war added to the modern era. “Night wolves” are actually the same fifth column, as Aeronet, Sputnik, the ensemble. Alexander and the like who spread false information. To think that this is an exaggeration, what is important here news, singing, or motorcycle means to simplify the complex background of the events. To say that “Night wolves” is only interested in sports, the same as to say: in the East of Ukraine people just do sports shooting.