The political strategist explained why Ukraine should not take the power of the Donbass

If the Ukrainian army goes on the offensive against the militants, the so-called “LNR” and “DNR”, it can turn into a full-scale invasion of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine, the power of which far exceeds the capabilities of the Armed forces of our country. This opinion was expressed on the air “Columnist.LIVE” political consultant Oleh Medvedev.

He noted that Russia is constantly increasing its military presence either in the Donbass, or near the border with Ukraine.

Also, the consultant announced disappointing figures, comparing the possibilities of the Ukrainian and the Russian army.

“Can a country, whose army of 250 thousand people, planning offensive actions against the military power, which is 5-6 times higher than the military potential of Ukraine?” – said Medvedev.

He cited the example of the events of 2014, when the APU went on the offensive, after Russia threw into battle the main forces in the area Ilovaisk and quickly resolved the issue.

“It was for Russia a situation of emergency. If there was a direct invasion of the regular units of the Russian army, then the situation ended with the capture of Donetsk and Luhansk,” explained political consultant and added that Russia in the event of a new offensive APU will also intervene.

“Of course, the idea to go on the offensive very popular. You need to understand that it does not fail with an explicit confrontation with the armed forces… If the success of the Ukrainian military, then definitely, 500% guarantee that they will receive assistance from the Russian Federation, which for them is an inexhaustible reservoir of manpower, money, weapons and technology. If anyone can plan the attack, then this is Russia”, – said Medvedev.

As told Ukrainian General Anatoliy Lopata, the Kremlin can refuse the Russian presence in the Donbass for a land corridor to Crimea, which Russia does not intend to return, in contrast to the occupied lands in the East of Ukraine.

In turn, the journalist Yuri Butusov explained why the occupants were transferred to Donbass missile systems.