What you do not know about Russia

Russia is the greatest country in the world with untouched, authentic nature, vast, incredible beauty of lake Baikal, magnificent architecture, historic buildings and cultural attractions — is a true attraction for those tourists who love to travel outdoors and for those who are primarily interested in man-made monuments of art. If you have mastered the thought of traveling to this particular country, we would like to tell you about some noteworthy facts about Russia that you may not be aware of, and which you probably will be able to meet you.

1. The hotel Astoria in St. Petersburg — the place where Hitler wanted to have a big celebration after the conquest of the city.

2. In the Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg, the largest Museum in the city contains approximately 70 cats whose job it is to protect the Museum from penetration of rodents and protected them from the historical treasure of the Museum. This tradition dates back to 1745 and entered it was by order of Empress Elizabeth, daughter of Peter the Great, founder of St. Petersburg. The Museum is only about 14 miles of marble corridors.

3. In Moscow there is a Park where you can see the trees planted along the pond. You can see hundreds and thousands of locked padlocks. These locks are fixed on the trees as a symbol of fidelity and eternal love couples who decided to seal their relationship marriage Union. When married, these castles in the shape of hearts write the names of the bride and groom, then these locks are hung on trees, lock key, and the key thrown into the pond.

4. A day, which is called “subbotnik”, the residents of different cities of Russia, voluntarily gathered, sweep and clean the streets. The tradition began in the first years after the October revolution and lives to this day.

5. Icicles that form on the downpipes of houses in Moscow, can take huge sizes, so that if the icicle falls, she can even kill a passer-by to death.

6. At the metro station “Revolution Square” in Moscow there is a bronze sculpture of a dog — if you touch her nose, it will bring you good luck. That’s why her nose is especially brightly it shines!

7. Russia also has a monument and another dog in memory of one that was made in 1957, space flight.

8. The chicken soup is one of traditional Russian dishes.

9. When the Russians come to visit, for the host, they usually bring a bouquet of flowers. In this case, the number of colors in the bouquet should be odd, as in all other cases, except the activities related to a funeral — here the number of colors is subject to their own rules.

10. In St. Petersburg, near the bridge, located within the Peter and Paul fortress, is the sculpture depicting a field hare. It was erected in memory of those rabbits that once lived on the island [where she located Peter and Paul fortress, and which in honor of its forest dwellers, also called Rabbit — approx. transl.]. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries during the frequent floods here many birds, fleeing from the advancing water, was on the island. There is a belief that when you tap the statue of the rabbit coin, it will also bring good luck.

11. Average life expectancy for men in Russia is 63 years old, lower than in men of Iraq and North Korea. Average life expectancy for women is 75 years. Accordingly, in Russia the total number of women 11 million higher than the male population.

12. The traffic problem is so acute that some rich people not to depend on this problem, hired for trips around the city ambulances.

13. In Moscow there is a restaurant, all members of which are twins.

14. Foreigners, visiting monuments, museums and other tourist objects of Russia it is necessary to pay an entrance price a lot more than usual.