Erdogan has gone from Putin to talk with trump

On the eve of the Sochi round of Russian-Turkish talks at the highest level, “Voice of America” made the following comments on the situation in which the Turkish President on his own initiative: “Who will offer the best price — USA or Russia — and to get the Turkey.”

Jealous of America… But not only that — warns — just in case. After all, Erdogan is ready for all sorts of unexpected moves. However, in this situation, to understand the Turkish President. The end of the Syrian war in sight. More precisely, it was not seen until may 3, until he met with his Russian counterpart. A little more and Ankara will have to wage war on two fronts — the Syrian Kurds armed, organized and dangerous. And Bolivar could not bear two. Syrian Kurds are just talking about the fact that another chance to legalize their autonomy, having the good of Damascus, in the future may not be. The same problem. She, apparently, has succeeded in extending its presence at this point of the Middle East, baken under Troublesom under control — you can sit at the negotiating table. Moreover, Ankara has graciously agreed to a dignified exit of Moscow from the Syrian impasse.

Here they made good use of famous, and really, really delicious Turkish tomatoes (although, ask any Azerbaijani, and he, for all his brotherly love for Turkey will prove to you that compared to Baku — it is Baku, not all Azerbaijani Turkish tomatoes — what a laugh). While leading news agencies in eager rivalry began to deliver the breaking news is that Moscow is preparing to sell Ankara a proud air defense s — 400, Erdogan publicly asked Putin how he’s got to be tomatoes.

This history of NATO has not happened to a member of the Atlantic Alliance acquired a potential enemy weapons. And instead to give a clear response to us on this issue, the Turkish President pretended that he was very disappointed with the results of the Sochi talks. It seems quite possible to convince journalists, and along with them, and heed them millions of ordinary people around the world that Erdogan and Putin there’s something not happened. Since the dispute on this subject will not soon end, let’s reflect on the key results of the Sochi meeting. Most importantly, we agreed to establish a ceasefire in Syria. This will allow you to proceed directly, as expressed by Putin to de-escalate military confrontation. It appears the parties agreed to establish five zones of de-escalation. Now experts start to clarify the primary steps that you must take to take control of the situation as a whole.

In parallel, in Astana the representatives of all the parties involved in the Syrian conflict will work out specific military-political issues of the current situation. Their quantity is evidenced by the fact that according to Dmitry Peskov, press Secretary of the Russian President’s agenda in the negotiations was simply overwhelmed with issues that require urgent discussion.

This clarification was one of the few specifics in the message experienced spokesperson.

The answer to all the question, what would be the content of Russian-Turkish relations worthily crowned his impromptu press conference: “There is a willingness of leaders to develop relations between the two countries. The history of relations between Turkey and Russia, indicates that when there was a periods of collaboration, they were able to derive considerable benefits for their countries.”

By the end of the day in Sochi was suggested that long did not give rest to the observers, and probably to many politicians: “Erdogan demonstrates the rapprochement with Russia. Why?” For me, presidents are forced to respond to changes in the global order the world is facing. What said a lot.

However, the official response may not be very comprehensive not long to wait. “Erdogan went to talk on the phone with trump.”

The situation is under control…