Shock and horror after the resignation of the government: “You hear the laughter from the Prague castle?”

“Three years ago we formed the government coalition. The goal of our coalition was to restore order in the country. We set ourselves the goal of fixing bugs, restoring economic growth, improving living standards of citizens. Through hard work we managed to fulfill most of its commitments. We changed the status of the Czech Republic for the better. The economy is rising,” — said in the introduction Sobotka.

According to him, the aim of the government was the fight against tax evasion. “We decided to stop the tax frauds. Now before me a serious problem. Problem that threatens the trust of citizens in government and their trust in politics. This issue is publicly debated allegations, and still not investigated the case of the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister Andrew Babish. It is unclear how he made his money”, — said Sobotka.

According to him, Babish is suspected of several serious frauds, including, kroon bonds. “The Finance Minister could not satisfactorily explain. On the contrary, the questions only multiplied. Instead of explaining Andrew Babish resisting, insulting colleagues in the government. The letter, which he sent to the Chamber of deputies, am extremely disappointed. There are no new facts, and the Minister of Finance did not refute the suspicion. Doubts remain. And it’s not only about the case of kroon bonds, but also on suspicious transactions. Talking about the origin of funds and the methods by which the Minister of Finance has received the company Agrofert,” — said Sobotka.

According to him, such behavior is unacceptable. “What’s at stake, as I said, the credibility of the entire coalition government. Also at stake is the trust of citizens in politics. We can’t prosecute restaurateurs from each crown and let the billionaires with tricks to deprive the state Treasury of millions of crowns,” said Sobotka and criticized Financial management. — There is a serious conflict of interest. This conflict needs to be solved. To conduct a thorough investigation around kroon bonds IRS decided only under pressure from the government and Parliament. The fact that it had hitherto not been investigated, casts a shadow on the Minister of Finance”, — said Sobotka.

“I find it impossible to continue the work of Andrew Barishna for the post of Finance Minister and Deputy Chairman of the government — clearly said Sobotka. — The rules should apply to all members of the government. I want all the suspicions have been independently and objectively investigated. For me this is a hard situation. If I was removed from the post of the Minister of Finance Andrew Babish, soon he could become a Martyr. For several days, he prepares for the role of the Martyr. This discussion has diverted all the attention from the essence. The removal of the Finance Minister from office would be the easiest solution, but use it now would not bring”.

“However, I, as Prime Minister, cannot be held responsible for this situation. On a post of the Minister of Finance is a man with a dark past. So now I choose the only reasonable solution: the government resigns,” said Sobotka. “I’m ready for this week to pass the document about the President of the Republic. I want the coalition parties could discuss next steps. It is also necessary to discuss the position of the Minister of Finance,” said Sobotka, noting that the next morning will meet with the chairs of the other coalition parties. “I am confident that the situation will be resolved for the benefit of the Czech Republic. I find it impossible tolerant attitude to a huge conflict of interest Minister of Finance”, — added the Prime Minister. With President Milos Zeman, Sobotka situation not yet discussed.

However, he consulted with members of the social Democrat party, but considers that this decision is exclusively his. “The resignation of the President is the entire government,” said Sobotka at the press conference.

Shock! Sobotka resigned. Government dissolved

The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Bohuslav Sobotka (ČSSD party) decided that just a few months before the next elections, his government will resign. His decision surprised many. We published the first reaction in social networks.

Shocked by the decision of the Prime Minister and he was Finance Minister Andrew Babish (party ANO). “It’s a big surprise, I know nothing about. Thus, the Prime Minister destroys one of the most successful post-revolutionary governments,” said Babish told the TV channel ČT24. Andrew Babish believes that it is best to now set aside the government is still to finalize before the next parliamentary elections.

“Here is the thing, when Zeman will entrust the formation of a new government to Babish,” said commentator of political events Peter Pulchinski.

“The government resigns. What will Zeman? The Rusnok has other business,” said American journalist Erik best. The name of the current head of the Czech national Bank and former Prime Minister of the interim government of jiří Rusnok mentioned and commentator of MF Dnes Vojtech, Varys: “Rusnok is going to the castle,” he wrote.

Another Premier sees in Prague commentator Joseph Clerke. “Veleba Prime Minister”, — he wrote about the Chairman of the Party of citizens ‘ rights, Jan Veleba.

Sounded and the name of former Senator Zdenek Skromach party (ČSSD). “So, the Prime Minister will Skromach?” asked the chief editor of MF Dnes Jaroslav Plesl.

“In the eyes of the public, the government Sobotka had in comparison with the governments of Prime Minister Topolanek and Necas one big advantage: it provided the country with stability. Today’s decision it has deprived himself of this advantage. And on the eve of the election, and in history,” said former MEP from the party ČSSD LIBOR roucek has said he.

A similar statement for Parlamentní was made by the Chairman of the party STAN Peter Gazdik. “This government had few advantages, but one of them was stability. Now the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister their behavior plunged the country into instability prior to the elections. This is bad news,” he said.

The decision of the Prime Minister Sobotka surprised and the administration of the President at Prague castle. “The statement of Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, we will leave without comment. The actions of the President, we will notify, when need be,” responded the press Secretary Milos Zeman jiří Ovcacek.

“Well, nothing special happened, but the only good news is that the Parliament will not solve anything, and that’s fine, and Sobotka was again at fault, — commented Peter Sedlacek. — Sobotka goof worse than usual, already all red in the face”.

“You hear laughter from the Prague castle?” asked the chief editor of the newspaper Blesk Radek Lain.

“By the way, if Zeman is right to play him without much trouble you can again re-elected to the presidency of the Czech Republic”, — said the activist Jakub Pitron, noting that the Communists did not rule out government support Andrew Babish if he will be entrusted with forming a new Cabinet.

“Prime Minister Sobotka is playing for broke. And this is not a stupid move. Normally, when the ruling party responsible for the consequences of the Board and lose support. But the party’s rating fell sharply ČSSD, ANO and grew rapidly. It is already atypical. Surveys, according to which ČSSD 15% support for the party is still optimistic. If ČSSD rules would continue, she would lose even more votes. If, however, the focus will be on something else, before the elections, ČSSD will be able to at least lick their wounds. Now the question is, “will clean” Lee interim government ČSSD, the party or forever sink into Oblivion”, — commented on the event Deputy Chairman of the Party of free Missiles Nous.

“Instead of Babish Sobotka carries the Prague castle own head on a silver tray. It seems that he does not want to be in government. And Mr. President, as you know, such situations cope. So looking forward to it,” he said of the decision Sobotka MEP from the party ODS Yan Stopped.

Expressed the Chairman of the party SPO Yang Veleba: “Desperate people do desperate things. Resign Sobotka I think is childish and cowardice that will have its consequences. For example, will shut down the legislative process and the political arena into chaos. It turned out to be a good operator in place of the Prime Minister is not enough. Bohuslav Sobotka, should resign from the ranks of the politicians and should never have become Prime Minister”.

“This decision, I did not expect. I hope that this government crisis will be soon overcome. Still before the elections enough time,” — says the Chairman of the parliamentary club of the party ČSSD Antonin Seda.

“Sobotka inexplicably handed the right to decide Milos Zeman, and it’s a big risk. The coming weeks will be politically turbulent,” — said the Deputy Chairman of the party TOR 09 and MP Helena Longshadow.

“The Prime Minister has bypassed an unsolvable dilemma, making a great move. This is probably at once recognize its opponents. Andrew Babish watered the political field with the herbicide,” — said the MEP from the party ČSSD, Jan Keller.

“That’s one option, though strange. The Prime Minister began to attack the Babish with that, he turned the activity. A somewhat unusual tactic, especially given the unclear consequences for all participants. Now we can see Andrew Babish at the head of the government before the end of the year. But, most of all, Zeman will form an interim government of “cleaners” of cases did the Minister of Finance. I would like to be wrong, but Zeman wants to be reelected, and Babish wants everything immediately. Tomorrow these guys will agree,” — says the Chairman of the parliamentary club TOR 09 františek Laudat.

“Now we need to wait for the statements and viewpoints of the President. But, in my opinion, the social Democrats completely artificially created this situation. CHR need a functioning government, not endless agreements,” said Parlamentní defence Minister Martin Stropnicky (ANO party).

The Deputy of the party ANO Bohuslav Hut believes that the Prime Minister Sobotka said his resignation is not primarily because of Babish, and due to the fact that he started the process, which, apparently, in the end did not know what to do. “Their responsibility for the current government crisis, figuratively speaking, he shifted to a coalition government… the most successful government over the last 15 years. In the results of his work, a great contribution was made by Finance Minister Mr. A. Babish, and other Ministers of government from the party ANO 2011” — disappointedly said the Hut.

His colleague from the party ANO Stanislav Berkovets put it more succinctly: “All this is rather a proof that Mr. Prime Minister don’t care about the state and its citizens, and their own ambitions. And for them he is willing to sacrifice the current stability”.

Deputy Chairman of the party KSČM Communist Joseph Said believes that Bohuslav Sobotka remained true to himself. “He took on the responsibility, like a little boy. It’s a pathetic escape from the decline in electoral support. Theatrical regret about the scams and robbery of the taxpayers will not save him, ‘ said the Rock, Recalling Sobotka that he has a finger in the pie. — It OKD is just the tip of the iceberg. Who to him had a hand, should humbly be silent.” According to Karel Schwarzenberg, an even bigger surprise may be the reaction of Milos Zeman to resign Bohuslav Sobotka.

“The farce, which continues for more than three years, began a new action. Everything becomes more clearer and clearer. The opposition gets truly unprecedented opportunity, you can not only eager to moralize, but to show how it differs. Personally, I intend to do this”, — assured the second man in the party KSČM.

According to the Chairman of the movement “Freedom and direct democracy”, Tomio Okamura, we should not overestimate the resignation of the government: all of it primarily a marketing move. “Most of the transactions between the party ČSSD, the ANO movement and the KDU – ČSL for the past 3.5 years have been completed. The fact that Sobotka with Babish had to split, they have divided,” — says the Deputy. In his opinion, the government can continue to work in retirement, so the removal from power before the election will be barely noticeable. “That said, PR consultants ČSSD presented unequivocal evidence that the government, in common with Babish, provides a recent increase in ratings and ČSSD deprive of the vote, and ČSSD now have a final chance to get rid of Babish under serious pretext,” — said Okamura. The shameful resignation of the government, in his opinion, proves that Sobotka and Babish put their own interests above the interests of citizens.

Therefore, according to Okamura, Sobotka, announcing the resignation, showed who he really is. “This is hypocritical and mean — suddenly thrust his companion a knife in the back,” said Okamura. According to him, the voters in the elections should boycott both ruling party.

According to Marek Chernuha of movement “Dawn”, Sobotka had the opportunity to take a leadership decision, but he was a coward. “Instead of the obvious solution is to remove the Minister or not to shoot — he decided to destabilize our country. A few months before the election, when it is necessary to prepare laws are concerned with people. But instead the Prime Minister took the responsibility. Weakness, reassurance and cowardice,” said the portal Parlamentní Listу Cernoch. In his opinion, the government should terminate the mandate of the retired, and the voters then decide who to trust with a mandate.