Scientists have named the main danger regular flu vaccinations

Swiss doctors have called a group of people who should be cautious not to routine vaccination against influenza, including refusal of it, reports “Orthodox”.

Experts have shown that lung cancer patients treated with inhibitors of the immune checkpoint PD-L1, after vaccination against influenza increases the risk of adverse consequences associated with the functioning of the immune system.

The most common complications were skin rash and arthritis (13%), colitis and encephalitis (8.7 percent), and hypothyroidism, pneumonitis, and neuropathy (by 4.3%).

To such conclusions scientists came after the observation of 23 patients, whose average age was 58.7 years. All of them were vaccinated with trivalent influenza vaccine (it contains the influenza A(H3N2), pandemic A(H1N1) virus and the flu virus In one of the two lines) and had been in therapy for inhibitors of PD-L1. The anomalous frequency of occurrence of adverse events was observed in six patients.

Currently, the authors recommend doctors the decision about flu vaccination to patients undergoing therapy with inhibitors of PD-L1, take individually. The final position on this issue, the researchers plan to develop through a study with a large number of participants.