Cat Felix has conquered death and has found a new home

Felix the cat, who was nearly killed by a car, found his family. “More than a month of struggle and Tomcat in a new family with a lot of experience with animals. Behind a crushed car head, two complex operations, weeks of feeding through a tube,” he wrote on his page in Facebook social activist and founder of the Internet portal Vlad Antonov.

Kitty took the lawyer Tatyana Montyan, but the animal still has to move at least one operation.

Recall when the accident happened, the cat was helplessly lying on the road – on for the circling crows, and even ate his eyeballs. Passing by the grandmother asked for help in OSG “For life”. Unfortunately, to see the kitten no longer, but it is not a barrier to an active lifestyle. In the course of several operations has been restored, the jaw – Felix started to eat and seeks vengeance to play.