Russia: If Poland will place a nuclear bomb, there will be a new Cuban missile crisis (in Reality, Bulgaria)

“The deployment of us nuclear weapons in Poland will repeat the Cuban missile crisis, 1962”, — so answered the statement of the American Ambassador in Poland about a possible redeployment of US nuclear Arsenal Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov. Alexei Pushkov said that the American and Polish politicians should be familiar with the story crisis of 1962, if they “forgot or did not know.”

The Cuban missile crisis of 1962 is recognized as the period of the cold war when USA and USSR were closest to nuclear war. According to Alexei Pushkov, the deployment of nuclear weapons in Poland would provoke a new crisis. Since the annexation of Crimea in 2014 has spoiled relations between Moscow and NATO, the current increased military presence of NATO considers a guarantee of the preservation of the sovereignty of Russia’s neighbors.



O e vremeto

Soon will fly a nuclear bomb. The coronavirus was only a warning.


Hello, stop to manipulate people! You know perfectly well that this is not done because of the “annexation of Crimea”, and not because your NATO “concerned about the security of Eastern Europe”! Just thugs from the fascist America to live in peace do not give the wealth of Russia!


During the Cuban missile crisis of the great Mao Zedong Kennedy said the legendary phrase: “Caution, if a nuclear war I’m going to lose 300 million Chinese, and from you there will be nothing”.

Svetoslav Slavchev

In an interview uncle Putin said: “Why do we need a world in which no Russian”. The West is on track to destroy ourselves as a civilization.


Yes, Russia will surely back home, crap with fear, as during the Cuban missile crisis… and again will not dare to send ships into the Atlantic the next 60-70 years…

Veche e other

Now regular Americans come home crap. Half of the crew “Donald cook” left the military service in the shitty diapers and under the supervision of psychiatrists.


NATO Kalnina only in Hollywood movies. In reality, American soldiers refuse to participate in military actions in South Korea, because for Breakfast they don’t give the traditional orange juice. If they get into the real situation and find out that lunch is delayed, I dailyovernight soldiers there could be a real physiological and emotional crisis.


In 1958-59, the years the US has quietly placed a nuclear installation at its military base in the Turkish Incirlik. Of the USSR about this, of course, learned, and installed nuclear missiles in Cuba. Very good for Americans, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy burst into screams, at which Nikita Khrushchev gave him a condition: you get out of Incirlik, we take the missiles from Cuba. Not to fall face in the dirt in front of the whole world, the Americans quietly removed its nuclear missiles from Turkey, and there was no war. John Kennedy may a very good President, in this case…. Now, unfortunately, history repeats itself…


Russia — not the USSR, and NATO even more and more!


This time Russia does not need to be an idiot and withdraw its troops from East Germany. View the Arabs, and the Turks, as they are without a fight, they grab the first mayor of Hanover, afterwards the Minister, and then Chancellor of the Turks. The bad thing is that the Serbs took the real MiG-29, they are better than our imaginary F-16. The Serbs and Mi helicopters, who fly in all conditions, and we (we in Atlanta) took the Cougar. So it is necessary to pray during the conflict, the weather was clear and flying.