One hundred days trump: four wins and four defeats

There is a tradition to appreciate the deeds of American presidents after the first 100 days of their tenure. What were the biggest victories and defeats of Donald trump? Here is the answer to the question.


Goodbye trade agreement with Asia

In his first full day in the White house Donald trump revealed that his critique is serious, and led the United States out of the trade agreement on the TRANS-Pacific partnership (TPP). During the election campaign, he called it a “catastrophe” that is “raping our country.”

The contract, which was in a hurry to conclude Barack Obama, was an attempt to create an internal market for the United States and 11 countries, whose borders would reach to the Pacific ocean. But in the US there is a widespread view that the contract harms the jobs in the United States and holding back wage growth in the country. The candidate Democrats Hillary Clinton for the same reasons, also promised to cancel the agreement if elected President.

Trump showed that he is ready to go further, to consider first the interests of America. He recently announced that he wants to revise trade agreement NAFTA signed with Mexico and Canada. And if the negotiations do not lead to a result favourable to the USA, he’s threatening to withdraw from NAFTA.

Creating jobs through oil pipe

During the election campaign, Donald trump has promised to create new jobs for American workers, and he did it by presidential decree. He approved the construction of two pipelines, of which the construction of one—, Dakota Access was suspended and the other on Keystone XL — stopped by Barack Obama in 2015.

Environmentalists, for years, protested against the construction, the protests have resulted in real clashes. Trump rejects allegations that construction harms the environment.

It is estimated that the Dakota Access pipeline at a cost of 3.7 billion dollars, the length of which is 1875 km and will pass through four States, will create between 8 000 to 12 000 jobs in the construction industry.

It is assumed that the Keystone XL pipeline cost $ 8 billion, the length of which is 1920 km and will pass through the territory of the six States will ensure the creation of 3 900 jobs in construction. But according to the US state Department, the project either directly or indirectly, in total, will contribute to the creation of 42,000 jobs.

Approved by a justice of the Supreme court

When 49-year-old Neil Gorsuch a few weeks ago was appointed as the new judge of the Supreme court, it was a real triumph of Donald trump. Appointment and approval of candidate trump has already secured eternal fame and glory after death — we are talking about a conservative judge, who may hold office for more than 30 years, because Supreme court justices are elected for life.

Democrats have threatened to slow down the destination by using the so-called “filibuster”, so the statement was only possible because the Republicans used a rarely used rule, called the “nuclear option”. He cancels the rule that the vote needs 60 of 100 senators. This made possible the election of Neil M. Gorsuch provided that will vote for him 54.45.

Election Gorsuch meant that trump has fulfilled an important promise given to religious voters. In the United States Supreme court is of great importance in a number of ethical issues, including the issue of abortion.

Bombing Assad’s Syria

Among the European allies, supporters and political opponents is widely believed that Donald trump was acting like a real President that day when he gave the order to launch a retaliatory strike on Syria President Bashar al-Assad.

When the American military released a 59 cruise missiles at Syrian airport, this meant not only the failure of trump from his own line, suggesting the rejection of attack on Syria. This has meant that his patience came to an end when Assad a few days earlier had used poison gas against its own civilian population, including women and children.

In 2013 Barack Obama, as President, allowed Assad to go unpunished after chemical attacks on civilians. And this is despite the fact that Obama has described the use of chemical weapons as a “red line”. Today his successor, Donald trump appears to the President that using force to intervene in the case, if the red line broke. The United States returned to the role of “world policeman”.


Obamacare preserved

Of something bigger to promise it was impossible: in the words of Donald trump, the reform of the American health care system (Obamacare) was a “catastrophe,” during the election campaign, he more than 60 times promised to abolish health insurance and instead adopt a new law on health. Right in your first “working day” as President.

But it did not. In March, he suffered a humiliating defeat, because all of his colleagues in the party to convince him failed. He did everything to convince critics within the party, but despite the Republican majority in both houses of Congress, Obamacare continues to be law.

However, in recent days, trump has a new hope. Conservative group “Freedom” who refused to vote in favour, recently decided to support the President, having received the concession, namely that the individual States will be able to ignore some of the rules the health care reform Obama, if they persist in the new law. The vote was made possible after the completion of the editing on Friday.

Blocked a ban on entry

Issuing a presidential decree just a week after the inauguration, Donald trump immediately imposed a ban on entry into the country for refugees and citizens of seven Muslim countries.

This immediately showed that the President is a man of action, but the thing about the ban on entry into the country gradually became for him a nightmare. And the court, and the appeals court blocked the ban, and trump criticized the judges in the nines.

Then the White house has developed a new and more moderate ban on the entry, removing from the list, particularly Iraqi citizens. As in the case of a first prohibition, the argument of the President was the need to prevent terrorist attacks on American soil.

But the two courts abolished and the second prohibition, arguing that in fact it was about the prohibition of entry to Muslims, and this contradicts the words about freedom of religion in the us Constitution. The case could reach the Supreme court.

Showdown with illegal immigrants

Trump was pretty blunt, when in 2015, announced his candidacy for the presidency, accompanied by a sharp statement addressed to the Mexican government, alleging that it sends to the U.S. are not the best of its citizens.

“They’re not our friends, so believe me, — said trump. — They’re taking drugs. They are committing a crime. They are a rapist.”

As President, trump wanted to more actively deport Mexicans, illegal immigrants. But recently the judge blocked the ability of the President to carry out his threat, while maintaining funding for so-called “cities of refuge” in the United States that protect illegal immigrants from deportation.

Another solemn campaign vow was to build a wall on the border with Mexico to stop immigration. But Mexico beyond the wall refuses to pay, and Congress for Trump to get financing difficult. Minister of national security in the administration trump, John Kelly, said that the appearance of a wall along the entire border “unlikely”.

Twitter turned into a boomerang

How powerful the tool was for Donald trump Twitter during his election campaign, just as great harm of social media struck him after assuming the office of President.

During his election campaign he sent aggressive tweets about Mexicans, women, homosexuals and the disabled. He continues to do in the first hundred days of his presidency, he wrote almost a thousand tweets. But today, they hit him like a boomerang.

According to a recent Fox News poll, only 16% support it “twitteresque” addiction. 32% of participants of the same survey answered that they would like to see the President would be “careful” on Twitter. Trump particularly “set up” when he accused Obama, not supported by any documents, that he had his phones tapped.

The current and former chiefs of intelligence from this disassociated themselves. Trump constantly criticizes someone and something on Twitter. But he became more reserved and not so often allows himself to bashing someone.