“MHP” starts microgrant program for the villages of Cherkassy region

April 25 in Cherkasy held a press conference where media representatives were submitted to the microgrant competition “Village. Steps to development”. The event was the Director of the IAF, “the Harvest” Oleg vasetsky, representing PJSC “Myronivsky Hliboproduct”, and the Executive Director “Resource center ANGO” Anatoly Rekun, coordinator of the contest in Cherkasy region.

Executive Director “Resource center ANGO” Anatoly Rekun said that last year the pilot project “Village. Steps to development” is held in three districts in the Cherkasy region.

“The attempt failed, and the practice support initiative rural residents was demanded. We realized 10 successful projects. Not only for growing agricultural products. Was brought to life interesting projects in green tourism, tailoring, waste disposal, ceramics. We are convinced that the initiative of the people is inexhaustible. This year we are expanding the geography of the microgrant competition “Village. Steps to development” will be held in the villages of Kanev, Cherkasy, Chigirin, Gorodishche, Korsun-Shevchenkovsky and Katerynopil areas”.

In his speech Oleg vasetsky more revealed in detail the goals and objectives of new business. “Many major manufacturers are constantly investing in the social sector of the communities in which they operate. PJSC “MHP” also follows this practice. However, we initiated the project, which is fundamentally different from this approach. The difference is that the focus is shifted from social facilities to the people who live in the area,” explained Mr. vasetsky. In his speech, he cited specific examples of such projects: “for Example, the farming population on their private plots of agricultural products under the export contracts already concluded with “Crop”. We are talking about crops, the cost of which a significant proportion of manual labor: certain varieties of beans are impossible to grow in the field.”

Oleg vasetsky believes that rural residents are largely not yet outlived the stereotypes of the past time. People expect that someone somewhere will decide for them. The new initiative is designed just for those who want to get rid of this ideology. And such people simply did not have enough money to develop their business, their business. “We are ready to provide these tools, to give such people a chance. Perhaps not all the projects “will shoot”. But there is a complete analogy with the sown field. Not every grain will germinate. But what develops, take root, would give the ear with the new grain. Participants will become centers of crystallization of a new future”, – says Director of the IAF, “the Harvest” Oleg vasetsky.

According to the Executive Director “Resource center ANGO” Anatoly Rekun, the contest is designed to initiate the self-organization of rural population, to stimulate private initiative, improving the lives of citizens. He noted that the main driving force in the Ukrainian agriculture is not foreign investment, but people who are able to create your small business. Often, these people are lack of ability to write a business plan or a request for a grant, a small start-up capital. Such resources in the Cherkassy region will provide the competition “Village. Steps to development”.

Anatoliy Rekun elaborated on the rules and methodology of the microgrant competition. To participate in the villagers of these areas that should register as a sole proprietorship, emergency, farm, agricultural cooperative, etc. applications are Also considered from small-scale farmers and entrepreneurs. The amount of one grant will be equal to 40 thousand UAH.

“The projects should have two components. On the one hand, he should begin to make a profit. On the other hand, mandatory social component. A portion of the profits should be directed either to the creation of new jobs or for training employees. Or, for example, the transfer of the planting material, farm animals, – explains Anatoly Rekun. – It is impossible to send money to charity, capital construction, payroll or cover debts”.

Applicants for the microgrant have until June 30, 2017, to submit to study their business plans. The Commission of experts of 15 July will be to conduct a preliminary analysis of the submitted projects. Then the selection Commission will interview applicants and make a final decision. The organizers assured that all stages of the competition will be conducted transparently and the winners will be held in public.

For their part, the organizers will hold in the regional centers seminars, which will be explained the terms and conditions of receiving funding under the competition. During the training, more than 150 participants will acquire skills in writing plans for grants. Examples of successful business plans will be published on the website “Resource center ANGO”. This approach will allow other candidates to better prepare for participation.