Flight-flight: how to get compensation from the airline

I guess many of you have ever experienced flight delays. Until do not get into this trouble, it is difficult to imagine what actually happen in this situation passengers. Usually when the flight delay at the airport begins brewing a real panic. Some need to explain the reason for the delay and trying to get the right information, while others are in a state of despair fear not catch the intermediate flight, the rest are just humbly await the flight, in the hope of looking at the electronic scoreboard. The founder of the company MyAviaHelp Askold Klyus tells what the problem is and how to deal with it.

– What is overbooking?

In other words, the overbooking – denied boarding on Board due to the lack of passengers on the plane. It may seem strange, but selling more seats than the seats the aircraft is legal. It is no secret that for many reasons, passengers may not be on the rise and airlines do not want to miss the opportunity to earn more. Indicators every airline is different and on average range from 5 to 15%.

– And what to do in this situation?

In this situation, advise the passenger to claim the marks on the Desk stamped “overbooking rate” or Standby on your ticket or boarding pass, and request delivery of the first available flight. Even if it failed to do, do not throw away your boarding pass, you can easily take photos on your phone and save to Dropbox. Already on arrival we will help you to get compensation from 250 to 600 euros.

Of course, you can obtain the compensation on their own.

First, you need to deal with the legislation of the country where the airline is registered and also where there was denied boarding.

Next you need to assess your case on the subject of recovering damages and calculate the amount of compensation.

Make a claim in English on the basis of legislation of the European Union or in the language of the country where the carrier was.

The claim letter must be sent to the airline. Each carrier has its own requirements: some through the online form on the website, others via e-mail, have someone Fax or letter in an envelope in the mail. These requirements refer to the website of the airline.

It is important to draw up a legally competent claim to the airline take you seriously.

In case of failure, contact the state authorities of the country under which jurisdiction gets the case. These bodies govern the relationship of the airline and the passenger. Even in EU each country, this on your.

The last resort will the court

In such a procedure could take years.

– What legislation protects passengers in such cases?

First and foremost we work with the EU Regulation No. 261 of 2004. To rely on it, you must be a passenger airline registered in the European Union (such as, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa, Air France, KLM, etc.) or to depart from the area of the European Union by the carrier is not registered in the EU.

– What to do when cancellations and overbooking happened in Ukraine?

You have very rightly asked the question as if to speak about Ukrainian legislation, compensation can be obtained only in case of cancellation or non-admission of the passenger on the flight. Thus, You can demand compensation from the Ukrainian airlines such as Ukraine International Airlines (UIA), Azur Air Ukraine (Air Ukraine’azur), Windrose (Windrose), Ian Eyre (YanAir), Bravo, etc. by the Way, the amount of compensation different from those prescribed in the European legislation.

– So, for the delay in Ukraine can not get compensation?

Not quite. If an airline registered in the EU (airBaltic, CSA Czech Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Wizz Air, Ryanair, etc.), it is possible to count on compensation up to 600 euros.

The amount of compensation to passengers in case of flight delays?

The amount ranges from 270 to 650 US dollars and depends on the distance of the flight. So, compensation will be $ 270. for the flight up to 1,500 km, 430$ for a flight of 1500 to 3500 km and 645 USD. for flights over 3,500 km. the cost of the purchased ticket does not matter.

By the way, many people mistakenly believe that temporary provision of the hotel – this kind gesture of the airline, not the obligation. I will say more: some people really believe that got more than they expected, and therefore require more compensation in this case is impossible. But it is not.

In General, if there was overbooking, You need to do the following:

  • Wait until there are volunteers to fly the next flight, then you forcibly deny flight

  • Get the mark that you are not put on Board the aircraft for lack of seats

  • Take a decision on the next flight right on the spot, will not go out

  • Agree on the food while waiting, and also at the hotel and transfer to the hotel and back, if circumstances so require

  • Document all events and keep receipts for meals, taxi, bus, another flight, if the airline does not care about you

  • And remember, if you are offered the upgrade, you will lose the opportunity to receive compensation, for example, upgrades to business class or premium economy when flying economy.

    Sometimes the airline is trying to appease passengers and offers free vouchers for the next trip or compensation in place less than you are entitled to by law. Again, don’t go to all these conditions.