Dimension of foreign policy

The program of foreign visits of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the next few weeks discovers different dimensions of Turkish foreign policy.

When you look at the entire list of countries in this group draws attention to the goal and the attempt of Turkish diplomacy to diversify external relations and transfer them to the multi-faceted broad platform.

Each of the countries in the programme of visits is of particular significance from the point of view of foreign policy.

The first place you plan to visit India… It is the second populous country in the world is considered to be one of the leaders of the “third world”. It has weight in the international arena.

Turkey has no problems with India, the two countries have friendly relations. It is expected that the President’s visit will give new impetus to these relations.

New opportunities

Another country present in the program — Russian… Erdogan will meet with his Russian counterpart Putin in the resort city of Sochi. This will be another one of those meetings that the two leaders were doing particularly often, after the airplane of the crisis.

After the crisis associated with the destruction of the aircraft, relations between the two countries for a small period of time is significantly moved forward. But still there are some rough edges. In the trade case has not yet adjusted fully. In politics remain divided on the Syrian issue and the issue of people’s protection Units (YPG).

In Sochi all this will be discussed. It is important that the two sides attach importance to the gradual convergence and cooperation…

Important address upcoming visits of Erdogan to Washington… Meeting of Erdogan with trump is focused on overcoming the difficulties experienced in recent years in Turkish-American relations. Divergence of views associated with a terrorist organization FETÖ of Fethullah Gulen (Fethullah Gülen), YPG and Syria, it is highly shattered relationship. Ankara hopes that trump will be possible to find a solution to these problems. Visit to the United States an opportunity to relations with this country back on the right track…

The decisive point

China, which the President will also attend, is also an important country, with which Turkey is smooth, friendly relations. Relations developed largely in the economic sphere. This major power, which Turkey would like to have on your side in global politics…

And, finally, address the most important visit in the program of Erdogan’s Brussels… In a world of crises, occurred one after another in the relations with Europe, it would be the last visit from the point of view of future relations with the EU. Following the decision, which the previous day received the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in the next few days it will become clear whether to continue the negotiations with the EU on membership of Turkey in the Union. Recent news indicate that the EU (the Commission) is gaining momentum, the trend to stop this process and instead build a partnership with Turkey on a different level. Recently, President Erdogan spoke about the decision of membership to a referendum. If it comes to the point of rupture? If so, will it be possible to create a new order of relations so as not to harm existing interests in relations with Europe?

We should not forget that Europe is one of the main and the essential dimensions of Turkish foreign policy…