How much is the training for UPE

Ukrainian high school students moved into an active phase of preparing to independent testing prior to the first EIT less than a month. The Internet is replete with suggestions from Tutors and all sorts of online training courses. “Today,” found out how many parents this year will be preparing their children for admission.

ACCORDING TO THE CLASSICS. The first exam in Ukrainian language and literature, one of the two must-have items for UPE, will take place on may 23. In addition to his graduates must pass a test in mathematics or history of Ukraine, and also to choose the third profile subject for admission to the University. According to the site personals OLX, in this regard, intensified tutoring — online hangs over 2000 announcements: “the number of sentences in Kyiv and Kyiv region, about 35% of the total volume. Then there are Dnipropetrovsk (12%), Kharkiv (9%), Odessa (8%) and Zaporizhia region (5%)”.

Judging by the number of ad graduates prefer mathematics history of Ukraine (for admission to technical and economic specialties), and as a specialized subject often choose the English language (for linguists and international relations experts) and biology (for medical). “From teachers of English receives 23.3% of all ads. In the second place the teachers of mathematics (about 14%), explained in OLX — Often take the pay for one standard class hour (60 minutes) and sometimes academic (45 minutes). As for the cost, it depends on where the teacher lives in a big city or in the regional center.” For example, if in the capital hour of English will cost 100-170 UAH, then in the suburbs of Kiev Vyshgorod — 80 UAH. The same situation is with the math: in the river for an hour of tutoring will have to pay RS 70, and in Krivoy Rog — just 30 UAH.

TRAINING THE NETWORK. With the development of high technologies more and more Ukrainians prefer to take lessons on video. First, it saves time and money on the road to tutor, and secondly, allows to study rare subjects for admission in foreign universities (e.g., Chinese and Polish languages). In addition, now in the Internet you can find dozens of free video tutorials from educational institutions. Also popular are entire Internet channels from first year students, who share their secrets of effective training (for example, download works in audio and listen in the transport).

But often need Tutors and by Tutors. “We have come across ads with the offer of barter: for example, English language tutor looking for personal training in Boxing in exchange for training to the level of knowledge of English” — note on the portal.

TO CHEAT THE SYSTEM. In addition, in anticipation of UPE intensified and scammers. “For a fee, they promise to “help” for passing the EIT. First of all we are talking about the possibility of buying ready-made answers to tests in different subjects,” say the Ukrainian center for educational quality assessment. The social network really teeming with such offers. For example, the user Daniel B. says that he has friends working in uceqa and he can get answers on any subject. “Today” contacted him. “To guarantee can photo their passport data to send. Price one-piece — 2000 UAH, and in the order of three — fourth as a gift. Means taking a map, the answers will be send immediately after payment with assignments in electronic form,” — answers the questions of Daniel. Meanwhile, in uceqa assured: the answers are fake, and scammers will have to answer before the law: “test Preparation and printing of certification works carried out in the strictest confidentiality. Therefore, we recommend not to use the services of Scam, because you must be cheated.”

The number of people wishing to pass EIT fell by 26 thousand

This year in Ukraine less willing to pass independent external evaluation. If in 2016, the EIT signed up 267 thousand people, this is a bit less than 241 thousand Of them graduates of 2017 — almost 193 thousand According to the Director of the Ukrainian center for educational quality assessment Vadim Karande, this is due to two factors: “First demographic. The number of graduates of secondary schools this year less than in previous years. The second deals with administrative details — terms and conditions of admission to 2017 provides that the EIT would permit individuals who have certificates of 2016”.

The most popular among the graduates of Ukrainian language and literature (in these tests checked almost all of the documents filed), history of Ukraine (182 thousand) and mathematics (113 thousand). Fourth place in the ranking of popularity took the English language (83 thousand), and five closes biology (89 thousand). While biology and geography this year wanted to pass more people than in the past. The most unpopular subjects were physics (26 million) and chemical products (24 million).