Why do women “take out” the male brain: scientists

Experienced psychologists conducted a series of studies to find out why women often behave capriciously and discriminate against their men. In other words, scientists have learned why women make the brain a boyfriend wrote grifonsoft.ru.

It turned out that in most cases the perpetrators of such behavior on the part of the girls are with the men themselves. They, without knowing it, forced their second halves to behave and not otherwise. The fact that girls are extremely need the attention of men, and when the ladies occurs the “critical period”. Usually it is accompanied by phrases like “You don’t love me” or “you got another”.

Also “the brain stem” can be other reasons. In the course of the observations psychologists have found that usually the way it is with men themselves are unhappy, dissatisfied woman. Researchers recommend that men first pay attention to their behavior and think about what actions or their absence could lead to such undesirable effect.