How to create an Empire: Vladimir Putin ought to look to Rome

If President Vladimir Putin, who still supports Bashar al-Assad in Syria, wants to be considered a member of the civilized world, he needs help. And to help him would Ancient Rome.

Starting in 509 BC, Rome was a Republic ruled by the Senate, the consuls and the people’s Assembly, and all these branches of power (allegedly) balanced each other. During this period Rome conquered all of Italy, defeated the powerful state of Carthage and took control of much of Northern Africa, France (Gaul), Spain, Greece and the Levant. Rome did this, not primarily because he was aggressive and belligerent state was all such other States, he encountered in the ancient Mediterranean world, where life is subordinate to the laws of the wolf.

Despite all his victories, Rome suffered at the time 90 military defeats; the Celts (390 BC) and Hannibal (218-202 BC) almost put him on his knees.

The reason for his success, as claimed, was twofold. First, it was well integrated, the government actively sought to participate in the public life of the entire population — rich and poor. But more importantly, in this warlike world, Rome is the only one aware of the benefits of attracting enemies to their side.

For 200 years, which were required in order to take Italy under their control, Rome developed their skills and possess outstanding political and diplomatic skills-collaborative, “Union” control, turning enemies into loyal Roman citizens. And therefore, military and human resources that were in possession of Rome, much superior to what it possessed any other state, against which he acted. And his success in the conquest (and obtained them trophies) added to his new allies and strengthen the loyalty of existing. Ally Hannibal king of Macedonia Philip V persuaded the Greek state to take this tactic into service.

Tsars of the Russian Empire also possessed the art of “co-optation”. But now this extremely corrupt unstable country can’t seem to include someone in the number of its allies — except for those who are also corrupt.

Consequently, Russia has no choice but to demonstrate their pride leader lone, surrounded by enemies, valiantly and without anyone’s help confronting a hostile world.

What else can you expect if you are not able to understand that it is in your best interest to turn enemies into allies?