Heil Navalny: Russian propaganda exposes the opposition Nazis

Last week in the Internet appeared the video, where Alexei Navalny, who today is the most remarkable representative of the Russian opposition, put Adolf Hitler. In a few minutes, describes a career as the Bulk of the activist so that no one doubts: he is a dangerous maniac, whose purpose is to harm the Russian people.

The movie caused a big stir, but more abroad than among Russians. For three days, before YouTube pulled it, the video has received two million hits. Original video called “Hitler 1945/Bulk 2018, it could happen again” it is impossible to see, but there are other videos, based on the first. So anyone can enjoy the performances comparison of Navalny with Hitler’s speeches, as well as enjoy the way in which the opposition urges to push the Russians into the ground, like cockroaches, while on his arm adorned pririsoval armband with a swastika, or how he dressed in a Nazi uniform, stands in front of a crowd.

To be a fascist on the eve of Victory Day

To call someone a fascist right now — is meant to evoke greater resonance than ever, with the approaching anniversary of the end of the Second world war. In Russia this holiday is traditionally associated with large-scale celebrations, and in the first place, a military parade, amid which glorifies Russian nationalism. The slogan “Thank you grandfathers for the Victory” with the conviction of the majority that Stalin may have been a killer, but still won the war, and with memories of the celebration of Victory Day in the USSR imperceptibly deprive other allies of their share in the victory in world war II.

In the first half of may, Russian society receives a concentrated dose of the heroic Russian people, which is fighting against the vile fascist monsters. Therefore in this context be called modern politician a fascist — is a very serious insult. Video, where the politician is dressed in a Nazi uniform raises his hand, and the voice-over declares him a traitor of the people, testifies to the helplessness of the authors. More can tarnish the opponent, if not make him the worst enemy of all time?

Right nationalist Navalny

Need to add that before becoming a fighter against corruption Alexei Navalny adhered to the nationalist right-wing views. For example, he participated in controversial Russian March, which was about the ultra-right and ultra-left factions of the ideological spectrum to Express their disagreement with the illegal migration in Russia under the slogan “This is our country”. Subsequently, Navalny claimed to have participated as an observer, however, he himself founded the movement against illegal immigration, whose program was the protection of the rights of ethnic Russian immigrants. But still, this activity pales in comparison to what he is accused of in a given video.

Whoever the author is, of course, it took a lot of time on the installation of all video where Navalny appeared. This is not amateurish work of a few students who wanted to become famous. At first glance, the obvious propaganda, moreover, still laced with fatalistic soundtrack, is professional and expensive in execution. A large amount of detailed information the life of Bulk, carefully cut out the phrase from his actual performances and videos recorded in the framework of the campaign of the Fund of struggle against corruption, evidence of really hard work on the roller.

Bad advertising is also advertising

But the Bulk do not would Bulk if he hadn’t made the attempt to abuse the advantage. Just like when at a rally he was doused with green paint, which is difficult to wash off, he did not run away from the camera. On the contrary, Navalny posed, and these images spread like a virus, and the next day his supporters were walking around with green faces as a sign of support.

At this time, the supporters of Navalny also said, removing my series, making fun of the original movie. They are, for example, compared a Hitler mustache with a shaved face Navalny, because he supposedly cleverly shaved so no one would know: he is Hitler, so was easy to get to people to trust!

Wanted the author of the video

The question arises, who can be a customer? Two days after the publication of the video, the press Secretary of the Kremlin has denied any connection with the President. On the contrary, Sands suggested that Navalny himself took this video. Recently the opposition leader was first shaken the firmness of the Russian government, when, in response to the corruption scandal around Prime Minister Medvedev to the streets at the call of the Bulk out tens of thousands of people across Russia.

The exposure of the fraud has ensured Navalny, who is going to run for President next year, a lot of publicity and support of people, no different civil activity. A few days before the publication of the video independent TV channel “Rain” reported that the Kremlin is going to run a focused campaign against Navalny. Contrary to previous assumptions, it begins to seem that Putin sees the opposition as a threat. So whether the video is a kind of intelligence before the acute phase of the propaganda war? And if this is just the beginning, what will we see next in the struggle for the Russian presidential throne?