France elects a President, and in Venezuela is gaining momentum revolution: the end of the week

The week was launched the second round of presidential elections in France in which the results of the vote on 23 April involved a 39-year-old leader of the movement “Forward”, ex-Minister of economy Emmanuel macron (scored in the first round of 23.7%) and 48-year-old leader of the far-right National front, Pro-Russian marine Le Pen (21.7 per cent). The Macron, which in the case of the victory on may 7 will become the youngest French leader since Napoleon Bonaparte, the case is bad. One after another he expressed the support of prominent politicians of France and the EU. “Macron is today — one who will protect the values that unite the people of France in such a serious moment, serious for France, Europe and the world. Marine Le Pen is a threat to France,” said the current President, françois Hollande. Many politicians sided with the banker because in the first place did not support Le Pen for the country’s exit from the European Union and the Euro zone. That is why support for the Makron expressed, for example, ex-President of France Nicolas Sarkozy. “I believe that the election of marine Le Pen and the implementation of the project will lead to extremely serious consequences for our country and its citizens, therefore in the second round I will vote for the Emmanuel Macron. This choice is dictated by considerations of liability and in any case does not demonstrate support for his project,” the statement said Sarkozy on his page in Facebook. In his election campaign macron actively recalls anticausal the program of his opponent. So, even yesterday’s sea Le Pen on a fishing boat in the Gard Department in the South of the country have received such remarks Makron on Twitter: “Miss Le Pen went fishing. A nice walk. Exit from Europe, which it offers, will be the end of French fishing. Think about it”.

According to the survey of IFOP and Fiducial companies, as of Wednesday, macron had the support of 60.5 per cent of voters. For his opponent was 39.5%. This is despite the fact that on Monday Le Pen, who received no votes in 56 municipalities, announced the resignation of the leader of “National front”. “I always thought that the President of the Republic is the President of all the French. Now we need to move from words to deeds”, — she told the TV channel France 2.

“France has not gone as anyone would have liked, and she puts the Macron, wrote the columnist of La Règle du Jeu. — She does not quite understand what to do, as he did not fully understand who he is. And she holds her breath as he realizes that in the joyful enthusiasm can revive something fragile and incomplete. What is missing this Bonaparte? “The main thing for me is…” — disparate images, from which was formed his worldview. The final word that will give or will not give a meaning to his incredible throw. But, to tell you the truth, we have no other choice. However, it is also. Past the time of rhetorical language that is not talking about “my main”. Bet is the true national novel or national decline.”
Like with the presidential elections in the United States, the French election campaign also takes place with the intervention of Russian hackers. As transfers bi-Bi-si, member of an international company on cyber security Trend Micro Fake Chambord presented the report which says that the Russian hackers are attacking the computers of the electoral headquarters of Macron. In particular, as methods of attack, Russian hackers use phishing, malware and fake network domains. According to Harbord attackers — are part of the same hacker group that was behind the hacking of the Democratic party during the election campaign in the United States last year. Attackers try to acquire usernames, passwords and other useful information about the employees of Makron, however, according to Trend Micro, the Russians are not yet possible. As usually happens, the Russian authorities deny any involvement in the cyber attacks on the campaign headquarters of Macron.

VENEZUELA. In this country on the background of the catastrophic shortage of food the third week there are anti-government protests, designed to shift the presidency of the socialist Nicolas Maduro. In clashes during protests has killed 26 people. As of 1 may, the opposition has planned a new large-scale anti-government rally, we can assume that it is not all victims of “Venezuelan spring”. Among nearly a thousand wounded on Wednesday was the journalist of the newspaper Nacional, which was covering a protest in Caracas. According to the publication, Atole Nunez hit in the head with a tear gas grenade.

AFP photo

The protests began in the country after the Supreme court decision, severely limit the power of the opposition national Assembly (Parliament). The decision was subsequently lifted, but opposition supporters took to the streets demanding the resignation of the members of the court and an early election, release from prison of opposition leaders and the adoption of humanitarian aid from the international community.

Authorities have refused to let UN representatives to assess the extent of economic disaster. Maduro and his team characterize the situation as a coup attempt by the US and the media. And therefore in the environment of Venezuela announced its withdrawal from the Organization of American States that would cost her a penalty of $8.7 million

“Enough already interventionist abuses and violations of law, Venezuela is the cradle of the liberators, and we will force to respect her as the head of state pursuant to my emergency powers, in accordance with the Constitution, I have directed the immediate withdrawal from the OAS,” wrote Maduro on Twitter. But he will pay $8.7 million for failure resolution, the OAS about the restoration of all powers of the opposition in the national Assembly.

SPACE. On Tuesday NASA’s space probe Cassini dove into the rings of Saturn and “touched” atmosphere gliders. The probe successfully completed the first of the planned 22 approaches to the atmosphere, in which communication with the satellite was temporarily lost. On Wednesday, the probe sent to Earth the first images of what is inside of these rings, and also a video of hurricanes in the upper atmosphere of the planet. “We could only assume based on the theory and the predictions obtained with our flights through Saturn’s rings, exactly what we would expect in the gap between rings and planet. I am glad to inform everyone that Cassini successfully flew through this “hole”, — said the head of the mission Earl maze.

The first photo in the rings of Saturn. AFP

With each of the following spans Cassini will move closer to the planet’s surface, reaching in the end to the inside, closest to the Saturn ring. It is expected that the outcome of the mission will send a probe to Earth photographs of unprecedented quality, as well as data that will help to provide answers to the many still unsolved questions about the history of this planet. In the atmosphere of Saturn probe and die because the fuel is over.