Russia has a moral right to legalize operations in the Donbass

Ukraine April 25, stopped the flow of electricity LC because of the huge debts of the separatists. In turn, Russia stated that it has taken the decision to supply the region. Explain that follows from these actions.

Now all distract attention from the economic consequences of the blockade, power outage, discussing while diplomatic moments. But no one pays attention to the root of the problem.

And the root of the problem is that the blockade has led to not only the loss of Ukraine’s control over the region, but also to the refusal of the citizens living in these areas, in all types of services ranging from the supply of electricity to social security, paperwork and so on.

Through these actions of Ukraine, Russia received the moral right and justification for the legalization of their presence in the Donbas. For this reason few people pay attention. Relatively speaking, if Russia started to supply electricity to Lugansk in 2014 and then to issue the documents, it would have meant the end of Russia’s strategy towards Ukraine and the Donbas. The hybrid strategy, in which Russia is not a party to the conflict, but rather acts as a guarantor state, helping to organize negotiations.

And today quietly it all became more relaxed perceived in the West. Yes, the sound is more some charges, but they are weaker. All this is perceived as a logical action, justifying with regard to humanitarian and legal. Thus, we own hands legalize Russia’s presence in the Donbas. We just implement, plug-in Donetsk and Lugansk in the legal field of Russia. For this purpose all possibilities. In this lies the key danger of this conflict. In the future, it will appear on the results of the legal claims of Ukraine against Russia in a negative direction. But the consequences will have to disentangle those who will come after parliamentary and presidential elections.