Pence reacted to the information about the dirt on trump

Information about dirt on elected President of the USA of Donald trump, published by some us media, may be due to their bias. This was stated on Wednesday, January 11, elected Vice-President Mike Pence.

Speaking during the introduction to the press conference, trump, Pence noted that the information released by the portal Buzzfeed, has no evidence, and the dissemination of such information in other media “can only be explained by their bias”.

Recall, Buzzfeed published a 35-page report on the collection of the Russian special services compromising on elected American President Donald trump.

According to the author of the report, a former employee of the Russian intelligence services told him about the surveillance of the FSB for trump when he was in Moscow in 2013.

The paper argues that the FSB had bugged shot trump in Moscow, the presidential Suite at the Ritz-Carlton hotel, where trump was invited prostitutes.

“The Russian government has developed and supported trump for at least five years”, – says the publication.

It also States that the dossier on trump’s “controlled by the Kremlin spokesman Peskov” under the direct leadership of the President of Russia.