And the wick in the hands of the “eagle” and “dragon”

On 6 and 7 April, the American eagle and the Chinese dragon has seized on the country residence of the President of trump in Florida. Behind the scenes of this battle were the DPRK nuclear tochal claws, Japan, where, on 3 may will be celebrated the 70th anniversary of the pacifist Constitution, and South Korea, where the result of the presidential elections, which will take six days, it will be clear whose side she will stand: North Korea and the United States.

On the first day of the meeting, in 8 hours 40 minutes in the evening (Florida time), an American destroyer, in the Mediterranean, launched a missile attack on Syrian air force bases.

At this point, the Florida President of the trump and the President of the PRC XI Jinping had sole in a sauce of champagne and steak “new York”, came to dessert. President trump told si about the missile strike in Syria and demanded that he support it.

For a moment si was speechless, and then helplessly whispered, “It killed a lot of children, so nothing can be done”. It is obvious that several officials from the delegation of the Chinese leader was shocked.

A few hours after that, Russia harshly criticized the American missile strikes in Syria, calling them aggression.

Just two months ago, China along with Russia has used its veto and buried the draft resolution of the UN Security Council, the purpose of which was to maintain sanctions against Syria, taking into account the results of the investigation of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons, which concluded that the Assad administration since 2013, applies against its citizens with chemical weapons.

Si tarnished her reputation and the reputation of President Putin.

Si seeks to ensure that during the XIX Congress of the Communist party, which will take place this fall, he was re-elected for another five-year term as Supreme leader, which is a support for the 1.3 billion Chinese people. So he was openly flattered Trump, not to differ with the United States.

Trump demanded that sea to China did not closed her eyes, and seriously worked to the DPRK ended its nuclear and missile development. The US President said that if that happens, he will act alone. Trump unleashed on the DPRK of the dragon, but let’s observe the reaction of China.

If the United States attacks North Korea, Japan and South Korea will be in the center of the conflagration.

The United States hastily dispatched to the Korean Peninsula the First carrier strike group with nuclear aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson”. Apparently North Korea will back down and postpone the sixth nuclear test, which likely was scheduled for six months or a year. However, if nothing changes, sooner or later the Korean Peninsula will be war.