Shkiryak warned of the danger from Russia on may holidays

Russia will try to destabilize the situation in Ukraine during the may holidays, arranging a provocation in different regions of the country. This was stated in comments to NewsOne TV channel the Minister of internal Affairs of the Zoryan Shkiriak.

According to him, Ukraine should be ready for various provocations by the Russian special services.

“Unfortunately, the period 1 to 9 may is quite a busy time when the Russian security services are trying to destabilize the situation, carrying out provocations in the capital of Ukraine and in many other regions. Of course, we are ready for any challenge and I am confident that law enforcement will do everything to prevent any attempt of destabilizing the situation in Ukraine and attempts of provocation by Pro-Russian and other destructive forces,” – said Shkiryak.

He stressed that Ukrainian law enforcement officers do have information about preparing provocations in Ukraine.

In the same spirit spoke and the military expert Alexey arestovich, who called the alleged plan of the Kremlin to destabilize the situation in Ukraine during the may holidays. According to him, in the coming weeks, Russia may carry out provocations against Ukraine from two directions – Belarus and Transnistria.