PACE President hinted at his impending possibility of the resignation because of the scandal

In Strasbourg began an emergency hearing concerning the trip of the President of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Pedro Agramunt in Syria, writes “European true”.

Agramunt has not provided the detailed explanation, stating that said enough, but said that is capable of changing its status in the PACE.

“On Friday I will go to discuss his status,” he said.

Agramunt separately said that apologizes for their actions. However, he refused to answer a specific question about whether his continued tenure as President of PACE.

As reported, on Monday, the PACE has officially demanded the resignation of Agramunt for his trip to Syria with the Russians.

After open conflict, during which the Assembly was blocked, Agramunt, was suspended from chairmanship in PACE.
Representatives of the Ukrainian delegation say they plan to make Agramunt “voluntarily” resign.

We will remind, the Bureau of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted the decision on the establishment of an independent body to investigate allegations of corruption leveled against several top officials of the PACE, including the President Pedro Agramunt.