Trump: with Russia it is better to establish a good relationship

The US President-elect Donald trump called a good Russian-American relations are good. In his opinion, only “stupid people, or stupid” you can assume that the friendly relations between the two countries is bad.

Trump wrote on Twitter that “to have good relations with Russia is good, not something bad.” “Only “stupid” people, or stupid, you can assume that it’s bad!”, he added. “We have enough problems around the world, to have another one,” trump added in a following tweet.

He noted that after his inauguration as President of Russia will be much more respect for US than they are now.

“We’re together, maybe we’ll work on solving big and urgent global problems,” trump wrote.

On the eve of the heads of intelligence services of the United States published a partially declassified report, which expressed a high degree of confidence that Russia at the personal order of President Putin influenced the election campaign, in particular by the disclosure of hacked e-mails functionaries of the Democratic party, aiming to win the Republican trump.

Trump, a long time puts into question the findings of the security services, on Friday acknowledged that Russia is among the countries seeking to penetrate U.S. computer networks, but stressed that this activity, if it occurred, had any impact on the outcome of the election.

Russian officials have previously denied involvement in the hacking of correspondence Democrats. Putin also expressed in the sense that the information disclosed by hackers, deserves more public attention than the methods by which it was produced.

During the election campaign, Donald trump predicted that relations with Russia will improve if he wins. In July 2015, announcing intention to run for President, trump said, “I think I will be fine to get along with Vladimir Putin”. Putin also spoke approvingly trump.

Leaving the Obama administration at the end of 2016 entered against Russia new sanctions. December 30, the U.S. state Department declared persona non grata 35 Russian diplomats and demanded that they left the country before the New year.

Barack Obama also announced new sanctions against Russia linked to cyber attacks on the United States, during the election campaign, in which Washington accused Moscow.

Vladimir Putin, in turn, said that Russia will symmetrically respond to the expulsion of diplomats from the United States and new sanctions.