Central Asian incubator

Recently every few days were committed by two terrorist attacks. April 3 in the Northern capital of Russia St.-Petersburg the bomb exploded in the tunnel that connects the metro station “Sennaya square” and “Institute of Technology”. 14 people died, dozens were injured. Know this underground passage, this is the liveliest place in town. After a few days, April 7, in the centre of Stockholm truck crashed into bystanders, killing four.

These outwardly dissimilar events have something in common — in both cases, the attacks carried out by young Uzbeks. Have blown up in St. Petersburg, the bomber was a citizen of Kyrgyzstan, but essentially it does not change. Question: why Central Asia in recent years has become an incubator of terrorism and extremism? Why are so many young men from the region to join Islamic state, “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia organization — approx. ed.) and other terrorist groups? According to rough estimates, only in Syria on the side of the rebels against the government of the rebels and Islamists fighting about 10 thousand fighters from the former Soviet republics, mainly from Central Asia.

Often, there are claims that the essence of the economy. Although Astana, Tashkent and Ashgabat surprising marvels of modern architecture, the people there mostly live quite modestly. Now the average salary in Turkmenistan 600, Kazakhstan 420, 250 in Uzbekistan and in Tajikistan only 100 euros “at hand”. Truth, and the life in these countries (except for Turkmenistan) is cheaper than in Latvia.

At the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the republics of Central Asia lived 50 million people today — about 70 million. That along with the growth of population does not appear to be new jobs — an obvious fact. Partially rescues the situation of economic migration. Only in Russia is currently about four million migrant workers from Central Asian countries. However, not enough room for all even in great Russia. Many young men in the Uzbek villages languish without a job and easily fall into the trap of Islamist recruiters who promise not only a direct path to Paradise, but also a fair amount of jackpot money.

Events in Saint-Petersburg and Stockholm will further strengthen the suspicion and distrust of local Muslim communities in Europe. In Russia there were calls to ban foreigners to work in areas related to transport safety in nuclear power plants, military facilities, even in schools and universities. But the “train has left” because for the last ten years around two million migrant workers from Central Asia have become citizens of Russia.

It is hoped that improved economic conditions will reduce the level of extremism in the region. But if a person is willing to blow himself up, it is unlikely that he was particularly interested in the money and the opportunity to spend them in the foreseeable future. What to do? The answer to this question must be sought not only experts in the field of security, but also anthropologists and psychologists. How and why this is called sporadically? The local mosque? It is hardly likely, through the Internet and specific pilgrimages to the Islamist ideology.

Done at Stockholm the attack and disseminated to the media the message that the terrorist were awaiting deportation from Sweden, might lead to more unpleasant consequences. Institutions will be afraid to make a decision on the deportation of undesirable persons. Moreover, significant resources will have to spend, while intelligence agencies assess is whether the man planned to deport from the country, a potential terrorist or even a suicide bomber, ready to do anything after receiving unpleasant news. More and more funds to be allocated for security and surveillance of local Muslim communities. Given the fact that some Western European countries almost 50% of newborns are born in Muslim families, the time may come to a situation where half of the companies will track down the other half. This, of course, a joke, something from a utopian novel by George Orwell “1984”. However, as they say, every joke has some truth.