How to celebrate the New Year in a new way: three ideas

Many New year traditions: cooking, holidays, clothing choices and even the choice of the company.

Good traditions are great, if only they have not become boring. If you want to change something, do not rush to give it up, just bring something new.

Website Home suggested three ideas for the celebration to refresh your holiday:

  • For an hour or two before midnight, invite each to tell you what good happened to him over the past year. Travel, funny scenes and great events, awards, finding old friends – it all fits in our new year’s scenario. Would be even better if all be prepared in advance to this story and bring photographs or other evidence of past events. This is especially helpful to approach people that were not familiar.
  • About 15 minutes before the New year, encourage everyone to leave past troubles. New year according to the script, pass out pieces of paper and pens, let everyone write everything bad, what he or she would like to get rid of in the next year. And then burn all the leaves, imagining with them in the fire disappear and problems.
  • When the clock strikes 12, ask everyone to find glued to the bottom plate of the note with the predictions (you’ll have to pre-write as many predictions, how many guests are on holiday). And let everyone take turns reading that promises them the following year. The same can be done in another option – to bake cakes, and inside to put notes.