The arms race is pushing America and Russia to reveal their hand

The pace of the arms race between America and Russia accelerated. It happened after America used against the militants of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), Afghanistan non-nuclear bomb called “mother of all bombs”, among the special characteristics of which the possibility of detonation of underground fortifications to a depth of 60 meters. The next day, America announced the departure of unmanned aircraft “Grey eagle”, also used for the first time, but for the fight against the ISIL militants in Mosul. Russia hurried to declare the existence of the Arsenal of bombs with more destructive power greater than the bomb the United States four times. The name was given a corresponding “father of all bombs”. In response, Washington has made a new statement about the availability of even more powerful bombs, having more of an effect of the aftershock.

New bomb

Analysts say that in the U.S. Arsenal remain the bombs are beyond the power of destruction that were dropped in Afghanistan. Among them bunker-busting bomb MOP (Massive Ordnance Penetrator), the effect of aftershock from the action which causes an earthquake underground, exacerbating the destruction of the target area. Israel still wants to get the bomb, making every effort to achieve this goal. However, Washington refused even to discuss the matter, stating that the bomb was designed to be a special weapon to own which can only the US army. The bomb, which has not yet been used, is a “heavy munition penetrating”. It weighs about 13.6 tons, a 2.7 of which weighs warhead size — 6 m in length and 1 meter in diameter. The bomb penetrates into the underground fortifications to a depth of 60 meters, and then explodes at the intended target, all navigation is carried out via satellite. The bomb was manufactured by the Boeing company, issued in the amount of 20 pieces, and entered service in 2012. The cost of one bomb is $ 14 million.

Exceptional opportunities

According to military analysts, Washington began to develop the bomb in 2008 as the most dangerous non-nuclear bomb. Task was the destruction and the destruction of underground facilities (bunkers) of the enemy, including warehouses for the storage of chemical, biological and nuclear substances. The bomb not only strikes the target, the effect of the destruction will spread in underground facilities in a radius of 100 meters. Now has resumed talking about the bomb after repeated threats from North Korea and Iran about the possibility of launching ballistic missiles. Create a new bomb in America was presented as a deterrent actions of Iran and North Korea, which threatened international security.