Campaign Rules at gunpoint by Russian hackers


April 14 Emmanuel macron said in an interview with Jeune Afrique that will be able to achieve from Vladimir Putin respect. Externally, the Kremlin confirmed his words, saying on Monday: “We respect the choice of the French.” Whatever it was, behind the scenes in Russia, apparently, is still there favorite. As reported by journalist Beranger Bonte (Bonte Bérengère), April 23, at the Russian defense Ministry on Twitter openly was a call to vote for marine Le Pen. But that’s not all: CNN has confirmed that a group of Russian hackers were targeting the movement of Emmanuel Macron “go Forward!” employing methods similar to those that undermined the campaign of Hillary Clinton in the United States.

According specializing in cybersecurity, the Tokyo-based company Trend Micro, in recent weeks, the website “Go!” became the target of attacks for the purpose of receiving the setting data on users. In addition, it was found four false website which copied the name and appearance of what was created for the former Minister of economy. Their goal was to collect personal data to careless visitors. The staff of “Forward!” in the course of the incident, but did not specify whether this was reflected somehow in their work.

The security service is concerned about the prospect of a similar campaign trump-Clinton scenario and the end of 2016, warning the headquarters of the candidates on cyber threats, which became particularly acute during the current campaign. The warning was repeated after the current revelations, says CNN. As for the origin of these attacks, all eyes turned to Moscow. France was already the target of cyber attacks: it is, for example, hacking into the website of TV Monde in 2015. Anyway, to prove direct participation of the government difficult, and Vladimir Putin himself denies any interference in French elections.

Hidden support for Le Pen?

Anyway, an American expert Jason Healey (Jason Healey) doubts the reality of such intervention: “the Russian intelligence, of course, already the start of hacker attacks in France and will not stop there”. The proximity of marine Le Pen to the Russian leader — is no secret: the National front leader was even awarded a long meeting in the Kremlin on the eve of the first round. Anti-European and nationalistic views of both the politicians and are the basis of the number of their common interests. Anyway, at the moment, Le Pen promise to lose in the second round by a wide margin of about 10%.

In February, during the campaign before the first round of the headquarters of Emmanuel Macron expressed concerns and condemned the smear campaign in social networks which, in his opinion, was heading from Russia. In particular, it was noted that these transactions were with the tacit support of the Russian government through subordinate government media outlets Russia Today and Sputnik News.