The Ghost of Putin in the French election campaign

PARIS/MOSCOW — there are many Rumors, and they have been circulating for a long time — including in many Russian sites, and social media.

A few months ago we were talking about what Emmanuel macron is one of the favorites of the presidential race in France — allegedly a homosexual and is secretly shacking up with the Director of a large French media Radio France.

“If the city hear that I am living a double life, it means that my hologram cleared, may not be that it was I,” said macron with great humor in February.

But when he had to deny such rumors this week — just days before the first round elections in France, he was very serious.

“My political opponents have chosen to dismiss the false rumors that I have a secret account offshore and that I was hiding money here and there. This is a complete fake!” said angry Makron in the program of the TV channel BFMTV.

Most of all it is alarming that, in the opinion of many French experts, for numerous attacks on the candidate are Russian hackers and Internet trolls. These concerns related to the Russian intervention, appeared during the election campaign and before, and in the line of fire has been Pro-European customized macron.

“Our site becomes subject to various kinds of attacks several times a month. The goal is to penetrate our computer systems and electronic mail and hacking,” — said in the camp of the Macron in February.

And conservative Francois Fillon, and the right nationalist marine Le Pen in their policies have a much more Pro-Russian than the macron, and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin is suspected that he wants to win the election that these candidates.

Fake polls

Recently Russian state media Sputnik on its French website published the results of a poll that showed that Fillon has once again topped the list of candidates in the fight for the presidency. The story has spread to many other sites, although it turned out that the poll is fake, and that the French electoral Commission made media reprimand.

Marine Le Pen, considered the most Pro-Russian presidential candidate, in March called for Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

This week the French authorities reported that to prevent hacker attacks directly on the evening of the election on Sunday, and during finals may 7 will be thrown additional forces

“We have increased the level of security associated with the transmission of election results,” — said the Minister of internal Affairs of France FeCl Matthias (Matthias Fekl) in an interview with the newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche this week.

Russia denies everything

Officially, the Russian side denies any talk that through propaganda and cyber-attacks attempt to influence the outcome of the French elections. But the sudden decision of Vladimir Putin to take marine Le Pen in the Kremlin in late March made it clear what the preferences of Russia in connection with the election.

The Russian side also consistently emphasized the Pro-Russian stance of the conservative françois Fillon and his good relations with Vladimir Putin. On Thursday Russian media trumpeted the vengeance that Fillon in an interview with Le Figaro, allegedly expressed support for Russia’s position in relation to the Crimean Peninsula, annexed by Russia in 2014.

“No one can deny that the Crimea belongs to Russia from the point of view of the history, culture and language,” said Fillon, according to Russian news agencies.

According to estimates political observers in Moscow, the Russian side will do everything in her power to help two Pro-Russian candidates.

“There are many signs that Russia will be a key factor for the outcome of the French elections, as it was in connection with the elections in the United States,” says Ignat Kalinin, political editor of the online publication



• Suspicions that Moscow interfered in the elections in other countries existed before.


• And most recently: the American intelligence service claimed that a number of cyber attacks on the election campaign, Hillary Clinton was the Kremlin. Specifically, Russian, allegedly broke into the computers of the Democratic party, and published information discrediting the democratic candidate.


• States that the purpose was to force the electorate to vote for the Republican candidate, Donald trump, which belongs to Russia and Putin are much less critical than Clinton.


• Russia also accused that she launched into circulation a series of fake news in social media that negatively affected the chances of Clinton.

• If you have to ask the intelligence services of Germany, then, according to them, Russian hackers broke into the computer systems of the German Parliament in may 2015. The Federal office for the protection of the Constitution says that a group of hackers, probably working for the Russian government.