U.S. attorney General caused a storm in social networks, calling Hawaii “some Islands in the Pacific ocean”

In the US, social networks have blown up the words of the attorney General Jeff and Roman sessions about the 50th US state, Hawaii, which he called “some Islands in the Pacific ocean”. Using the hashtag #IslandinthePacific, many Twitter users reminded the attorney General that Hawaii is an equal part of the United States. Also, this is the place where he was born US President Barack Obama and where is the legendary base of the American fleet at pearl Harbor.

About it reports Reuters, TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

A week earlier sessions in the show, Mark Levin said, “Astonished that the judge is sitting on some Islands in the Pacific ocean may make the decision which suspends the decree of the President of the United States.”

Sessions was referring to the decision of a district court judge in Hawaii, which suspended the decree of the second trump, who were forbidden entry into the United States to citizens of the six countries with predominantly Muslim populations, the report said.

It is noted that according to the monitoring company Brandwatch and Roman sessions on the phrase “some Islands in the Pacific ocean” users cited 27 thousand times.

We will remind, the Federal court in Hawaii to block the decree of the President of Donald trump about the ban on entry into the country for migrants from a number of Muslim countries, extended its decision indefinitely.