The Briton dropped 80 kg since I got into the airplane seat

58-year-old Tony Westaway from UK lost twice — from 160 pounds to 80 after not got the seat in the plane. Writes about this “life” with reference to the Daily Mail.

In 2015, the man decided to go on a trip during the holidays, but at the beginning of a problem. The airline has not been able to put Tony on the plane. First had problems with a belt that is not fastened on the man, then his feet would not fit in the space between the seats. All efforts of the cabin crew were directed to help a large passenger. According to Tony, he was very ashamed of this incident.


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Returning home, he joined the competition for losing weight Slimming World Man, which has lost 80 pounds. Tony said that the secret to losing weight is simple — proper nutrition.

According to doctors, lose weight, male extended his life by 20 years.

We will remind, the guy called the girl a fat cow: she lost 60 pounds and married another.