White bear died in the zoo of longing for a friend

Lived in the zoo of the American city San Diego white bear Eugene suddenly died. In recent weeks, Jack is greatly missed living with her another bear Snowflake, which some time ago was sent to the Pittsburgh zoo to participate in breeding program.

Eugene, who was 21, was found dead in her enclosure in the theme Park SeaWorld in San Diego. A few days before that, the zoo staff noticed changes in her behavior: a bear was lethargic and did not eat.

Mistress Genis in the enclosure Snowflake sent in February to the Pittsburgh zoo for breeding. The couple lived together in San Diego since 1997, according to NBC.

Many animal rights activists oppose the separation of Snowflakes and Genis, arguing that the program of reproduction in captivity is cruel and useless, as 60% of those born in captivity, the cubs die. A petition online has gathered 45 thousand signatures.

Vice President of animal protection organization PETA Remain Traci said that Jack died of a broken heart, and that her death should serve as a signal for the zoo, which should stop to put animals on display, to stop their reproduction and to immediately transfer the animals into the nature reserves.

Earlier it was reported that only in El Salvador, a Hippo died after the attack is unknown.