The wild East of Moscow

To attack its own people with poison gas or build a nuclear missile can do on your side the power of veto in the UN Security Council. This role for just one week, twice took over Russia. First, Moscow has blocked a resolution to investigate the use of poison gas in Syria (which she demanded). Then she let the demands of the international community to North Korea to stop testing its missiles. Even China, a long time has been government-a patron of the Kim regime, were ready this time to join the resolution.

To Kim Jong Ynu Moscow is experiencing as little of the warm feelings, just as Bashar al-Assad. The Russian leadership is well aware of the danger that comes from unpredictable neighbor with nuclear bomb. Even if the length of the common border in the far East is just 17 kilometres from there to the Eastern Russian cities of Vladivostok only 130 kilometers in a straight line.

Therefore, Moscow is also interested in the solution. But only in the decision, the drafting of which all are equal sit at the negotiating table. It is constantly stressed Vladimir Putin and his foreign Minister. So it was in the six-party talks, but they failed to stop the North Korean nuclear program was terminated in 2009. Why Washington does not want to return to this format under any circumstances.

Putin wants influence in East Asia, but China defiantly breaks

Close to the Kremlin strategists often say that Russia must become European from a minor character in the leading power on the Eurasian continent. After the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict, Moscow deliberately turned away from the West and turned East. They say that the relationship with China is good as never before. If NATO would send 4 thousand soldiers to Eastern Europe, followed by a protest from Moscow. If China places on the border missile, Moscow suffers in silence.

However, although the turning away from Europe worked, Russia still has not received the desired weight and attention in Asia. Initiatives and proposals on solution of urgent problems are discussed very little in Moscow. The Russian elite still thinks in European coordinate system.

Meanwhile, China has become the largest economic power in the Land, but in the settlement of international crises takes part reluctantly. Russia has a long experience as a superpower, but a few years she is suffering from economic problems. If they joined forces, it would be possible to change a lot, I hope the Russian strategists. Only Russia is not the only and far not the most attractive character that fights for the location of China. So XI Jinping’s visit to Donald Trump Putin watched with suspicion. Chinese and Americans agreed among themselves on the order in the South Pacific ocean, dessert, trump launched cruise missiles to ward of Putin Assad. And C was silent.